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Michael Maslankowski,
Interim Director

The Division of Student Affairs Location: North Administration Bldg (2A), Room 208

Phone: (718) 982.2529
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Office of New Student Programs (NSP)
 SPLASH: New Student Checklist

What to do prior to Attending Your Scheduled SPLASH Session

New students must submit proof of their high school graduation prior to the first day of classes at CSI. Students should have their final high school transcript, official AP tests scores (from College Board) and official college transcripts for courses taken while in high school mailed directly to the Office of Recruitment and Admissions. If you are still currently in high school, you must submit proof of your high school graduation as soon as it is available.

For additional questions regarding proof of your high school documents, please contact the Office of Recruitment and Admissions at 718.982.2010 or visit building 2A, room 103.

New students are required to hand in their immunization records in order to be eligible to register for classes. New students must provide proof of 2 doses of measles, 1 dose of mumps, 1 dose of rubella, and 1 dose of meningococcal vaccines. Students may opt to sign the meningitis refusal form instead of receiving the vaccination.

New students should complete the Immunization Certification Form prior to their scheduled SPLASH session in order to avoid any delays with class registration. It is strongly recommended that students submit their completed forms at least 72 hours prior to their scheduled SPLASH session or earlier. Students under the age of 18 are required to have a parent’s signature on the form.

New students who do not submit their immunization records to the Health & Wellness Center will not be able to register for classes until the Health & Wellness Center receives your immunization forms and has cleared you to continue with the registration process. If you are scheduled to attend SPLASH, but have not submitted your completed immunization forms, you should still attend your scheduled SPLASH session. However, please note, you will not be able to register for classes during SPLASH.  You will be able to register for classes after completing the program and once your forms have been submitted to the Health & Wellness Center. All completed forms should be sent to the Health & Wellness Center in building 1C, room 112 or faxed to 718.982.2966.  A representative from the Health & Wellness Center will be available on both days of the SPLASH program.

For additional questions regarding immunization records, please contact the Health & Wellness Center at 718.982.3045 or visit building 1C, room 112.

Students who are interested in applying for Financial Aid should do so online. Parents and students should use a federal PIN number to sign their FAFSA. If you need a PIN #, go to Federal Student Aid PIN. Do not forget to complete the New York State’s Tuition Assistance Program (TAP) after completing the FAFSA.

CSI has a Student Service Center where students and parents may make an appointment to file the FAFSA on the web. To make an appointment, call 718.982.2601. The Student Financial Aid Office also provides information on Federal Direct Loans. During SPLASH, there will be a Financial Aid representative available to address questions regarding financial aid

For additional questions regarding financial aid, please contact the Student Financial Aid Office at 718.982.2601, or visit Enrollment Services in building 2A, room 106.

Students enrolled in an Associates in Arts, Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Science in Art, Communications, Dramatic Arts, or Music must demonstrate intermediate competency in a foreign language as part of their degree requirement. If applicable, students may register for any of the following foreign languages at the beginning level: American Sign Language, Arabic, Chinese, French, Italian, or Spanish.

For students with prior knowledge of a language, it suggested students participate in the FAST TRACK to language proficiency. With the FAST TRACK, students may finish the language requirement more quickly, be exempt from foreign language, and/or enter more quickly into language minors and majors. Graduates of high school in a non-English speaking country are exempt from the language requirement. The FAST TRACK placement exam is administered by the Modern Languages Media Center.

Students will need their EMPLID in order to take the exam. Students may find their EMPLID in their email invitation through their VIP account or they can contact the Office of New Student Programs at 718.982.2529.

For additional questions regarding the FAST TRACK to language proficiency, the foreign language requirement, information regarding the exam, or to register for an exam, please contact the Modern Languages Media Center at 718.982.3711 or visit building 2s, room 114. Students may also contact the Department of World Languages and Literatures at 718.982.3700 or visit building 2S, room 109.

Students with documented disabilities or temporary injuries, who may need special accommodations for the SPLASH program, must contact the Center for Student Accessibility at least one week prior to their scheduled SPLASH session.

Students registered with the Center for Student Accessibility are still required to attend and complete the mandatory two-day SPLASH in order to fulfill the new student orientation degree requirement.

For additional questions regarding setting up accommodations or registering with the Center for Student Accessibility, please contact the Center for Student Accessibility at 718.982.2510 or visit building 1P, room 101.

Being a part of CSI’s residential community is more than just having a place to sleep each night. Roommate(s) and neighbors could become lifelong friends. As students interact with other CSI students they will have the opportunity to learn about people who are different than them and, in the process, learn more about themselves. In addition, living on-campus will help students be a better student, since they will have easy access to important campus resources, such as academic advisors, tutorial centers and labs, the writing center and the library. All enrolled full time students attending CSI, who are in good standing, are eligible to live in CSI Student Housing on a first come, first served basis. Students, who are interested in living on-campus or learning more about CSI’s Student Housing, should visit the CSI Student Housing homepage or contact 718.982.3019.

The SPLASH program is designed to help acclimate new students to the CSI campus and all of its resources and support services, as well as, prepare students for their first semester. Therefore, we encourage new students to prepare any questions they have and to bring them with them to be answered during the SPLASH program.

Learning More About Your Intended Major
Upon registering for the SPLASH program, students have selected their intended major. This is to help inform our academic advisors of your potential academic interests to better advise you for your first semester of classes. In preparation for SPLASH, we encourage students to view the college’s Undergraduate Catalog for a list academic degree programs, and an overview of each degree’s requirment to better familarize themselves with their intended major. Students will have the opportunity to change or declare their intended major during the SPLASH program.

Check Out Student Health 101
Maximize your college experiece! Read Student Health 101, our online health and wellness magazine. Student Health 101 can be accessed at any time and on any electronic device including phone, tablet, PC or laptop. Check out the new issue each month to help make the most of your time at CSI! Containing information about upcoming events, CSI resources, and topics of interest, Student Health 101 has it all! In addition, this special orientation issue is a free reference guide for incoming CSI students.