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New Student Programs (NSP)
  An Overview of SPLASH

Welcome to the College of Staten Island!

The College of Staten Island requires all first-year incoming students to attend SPLASH: CSI’s New Student Orientation, a comprehensive mandatory two-day program, presented by multiple offices and departments on campus. SPLASH is an opportunity for students to become engaged with the college community and consists of orientation, advisement, and registration.

SPLASH is designed to help students to become familiar with the CSI Campus, CSI’s academic programs, what is expected of students at CSI, and provide students with information regarding the many support services and resources available to them at CSI. SPLASH is also an opportunity for students to meet other incoming students, faculty, staff, and upperclassmen New Student Orientation Leaders as students are introduced to college life at CSI. Students will also work with the staff from the Center for Advising and Academic Success (CAAS) to select and register for their first semester of classes. The overall goal of SPLASH is to provide students with a sense of belonging and connection to the campus community, to help students navigate their initial advisement and registration process, to provide students with the tools to become responsible learners and college students, develop partnerships and effective communication skills, and ease students’ transition to CSI.

At SPLASH, students will formally be welcomed to CSI, engage in teambuilding activities among other incoming students, and have the opportunity to learn more about co-curricular options and involvement on campus through the Office of Student Life. Students will also be provided with more information about important CSI policies and procedures. In addition, students will learn more about their different academic degree requirements, course eligibility based on the results of their CUNY Assessment Tests, have a better understanding of the general education degree requirements at CSI, and what is expected of students academically at CSI. During SPLASH, students will also be introduced to campus resources including: The Counseling Center, the Career and Scholarship Center, the Center for International Service, the Registrar, the Student Financial Aid Office, the Bursar, the Office of Parking and DolphinCard Services, the Center for Student Accessibility, and the Office of Academic Support.

Additionally, during SPLASH, students will set-up their electronic accounts with the Office of Information Technology, participate in a diversity/civility workshop, be provided a tour of our Library facilities, and culminate the program with registration for their first semester of classes, and receive their CSI Dolphin ID Card. On both days of the SPLASH program, students are also provided with a free lunch.

SPLASH Fall 2016

For more information regarding the dates of the summer SPLASH programs, please click here.

Important information for students entering for the Fall 2016 semester
Students must register for a SPLASH session. If you have not registered for a SPLASH session or want to confirm your registration, please contact New Student Programs at 718.982.2529. Both days of the SPLASH program are fully mandatory. Students are given an appointment for SPLASH on availability basis only, and are strongly encouraged to attend early and keep their SPLASH appointments. All incoming students must attend SPLASH in order to enroll at CSI, and must complete a session by August 22nd and August 23rd to successfully enroll for the Fall 2016 semester. Students, who do not complete a SPLASH session by this date, will need to defer their admission to the Spring 2017 semester.