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New Student Programs (NSP)

What We Do

New Student Programs (NSP) is dedicated to supporting new students and their journey to CSI throughout the first-year. The NSP Unit strongly believes that orientation and acclimation to the college and its services are important to new student success and student development. In addition, the NSP Unit manages several initiatives that support student transition to the college, and provides students with the resources they need to navigate the first year of college and beyond.

Orientation Services

SPLASH: CSI’s New Student Orientation – For Incoming Students

SPLASH is a pre-semester mandatory two-day orientation program for all incoming students with less than 6 transfer credits from another institution. The program is designed to help new students to become familiar with the CSI campus, CSI’s academic programs, and what to expect as a new student at CSI. In addition, SPLASH provides new students with information regarding the many services and resources available to them. Moreover, it is also an opportunity for new students to meet other incoming students, faculty, staff, and upperclassmen New Student Orientation Leaders as students are introduced to college life at CSI. Students will also work with the staff from the Center for Advising and Academic Success (CAAS) to select and register for their first semester of classes. The overall goal of SPLASH is to provide students with a sense of belonging and connection to the campus community, help students navigate their initial advisement and registration process, develop partnerships, and ease students’ transition to CSI.

The Verrazano School Freshman Orientation – Fall Admission Only

The Verrazano School Freshman Orientation is a pre-semester program-specific mandatory one-day orientation program for all accepted incoming students into the Verrazano School Honors Program. This is a required orientation designed specifically for new Verrazano freshmen, and all incoming Verrazano freshmen must attend. Students accepted into the Verrazano School Honors Program do not participate in SPLASH, and will not need to register for any orientation other than the Verrazano Freshman Orientation. The purpose of this program is to provide Verrazano students with an overview of the Verrazano Program requirements, resources and opportunities available on campus and through the Verrazano Program, opportunities to engage with a cohort of students in the program, and to meet other incoming students, faculty, staff, and upperclassmen New Student Orientation Leaders. Verrazano School students should contact the Verrazano School Honors Program to register for this orientation program.

Veteran Student Orientation

Veteran Student Orientation is a pre-semester program-specific one-day orientation for incoming student veterans. In supporting the acclimation of CSI student veterans to CSI, and in conjunction with the college’s Veterans Support Services, Veteran Student Orientation assists student veterans’ transition to campus life at CSI. This program focuses on providing information and services to help student veterans navigate and maximize their educational benefits. In addition, the program informs student veterans of the resources and the services available on campus, and provides a chance to meet other student veterans, veterans support staff, and New Student Orientation Leaders. Student veterans who participate in Veteran Student Orientation do not have to participate in SPLASH, and will not need to register for any other orientation other than the Veteran Student Orientation.

Transitional Services

The College Life Unit Experience (CLUE) Program

The CLUE Program consists of workshops and programs geared to help students learn more about CSI and themselves through our Co-Curricular and Personal Growth programs. It is a non-credit out-of-the-classroom experience program designed to acclimate students to the college environment after orientation and compliment the various aspects of college life. NSP maintains records on all CLUE program activities and monitors students’ progress toward meeting the college’s new student orientation degree requirement. CLUEs are workshops developed from various programs and departments on campus, which are advertised through CLUE News on the CSI Website under the “Quick Links” drop-down menu. CLUE events are open to the entire campus community. In addition, many incoming students participate in the CLUE Program to fulfill part two of their new student orientation degree requirement.

The New Student Mentoring Program

The New Student Mentoring Program provides peer-to-peer mentoring on a variety of first-year initiatives, including supporting first year students in navigating CSI, supporting all students, new and continuing, in meeting the new student orientation degree requirement, and supporting first year students who are on, or at risk of academic probation at CSI. The New Student Mentoring Program provides New Student Mentors to support students through their college experience. The New Student Mentors assists students with becoming more focused by working together to address challenges, improve strengths, and connect to the various resources on campus that can help them reach their academic goals by serving as a referral service and a guide.

The New Student Orientation Leadership Program

NSP is dedicated to assisting new students in their first-year of college. Orientation is one of the valuable first-steps a student takes when entering CSI. It prepares students for delving into a new environment as they learn where classes are located, what to expect from professors, and how to tap into college resources and support services. NSP oversees the New Student Orientation Leadership Program, in which the office recruits current CSI students to work as New Student Orientation Leaders, who serve as role models for incoming students at every orientation program and help new students become CSI students.

Multicultural Programming

The Pluralism & Diversity Program

The Pluralism & Diversity Program is coordinated by NSP, and is sponsored by the Office of the Vice President for Student and Enrollment Services, and advised by the college’s Pluralism & Diversity Committee. The Pluralism & Diversity Program aims to represent ethnic, religious, and cultural groups through various events and programs on campus. The ongoing goal is to celebrate our diversity while encouraging a unified campus.