College of Staten Island
 The City University of New York
NSO Staff
New Student Orientation/CLUE
Michael Maslankowski, Interim Director
Division of Student Affairs

Location: North Administration Bldg (2A), Room 208
Phone: (718) 982.2529
          (718) 982.2596

New Student Orientation
 Services of the Office of
 New Student Orientation
  • Maintains a Student Information and Resource Center. New, continuing, prospective, and transfer students may walk-in (or call) for information and assistance.
  • Organizes New Student Orientation (NSO) sessions for first term students before the start of each semester.
  • Coordinates the CLUE Program to promote co-curricular and personal growth experience at the college.
  • Maintains students' orientation records and provides information to students about their status/progress towards meeting the orientation degree requirement.
  • Staffs student mentors who are available daily to assist students on different aspects of college life.
  • Provides New Student Orientation Leaders at all NSO sessions.

New Student Orientation Degree Requirement
Students who enter the College with fewer than six credits are required to complete the orientation requirement. To satisfy the requirement, students must attend a mandatory two-day New Student Orientation to fulfill part one of the requirement, and choose between two options to fulfill part two of the requirement listed below, which should be completed prior to the completion of 12 equated credits:

  • (A) Successfully complete a one-credit freshman orientation course:
    SPD101: Issues in College Life (2 hours; 1 credit)
    SKO 100: Freshman Orientation (2 hours, 1 credit – open only to SEEK students)


  • (B) Attendance at four CLUE-certified events: two Personal Growth (PG) Experiences and two Co-curricular (CC) experiences.

Visit our FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions page regarding student exemptions.

The CLUE Program
The CLUE Program is a non-credit first-year experience program designed to acclimate students to the college environment after completing orientation. CLUEs are college sponsored activities held outside of the classroom. CLUE units are categorized into two types, either Personal Growth (PG) or Co-Curricular (CC). Whereas the purpose of the mandatory two-day New Student Orientation is to enhance the first year experience and retention efforts, the CLUE Program is designed to promote out-of-classroom intellectual, cultural and social life activities on campus. Personal Growth CLUEs are activities that contribute to students’ self-development outside the regular curriculum. Included among PG CLUEs are career and study skills workshops, health and wellness programs, and recreational and social events. Co-Curricular CLUEs are activities that are intended to augment and/or complement some aspect of academic life at the College and focus on scholarly, cultural, and civic development from academic areas, including humanities, social sciences, science, math, and technology, as well as film screenings, and theatrical events.

The CLUE Challenge
Beyond the basic CLUE requirement, many students also complete the CLUE CHALLENGE, in which they agree to complete at least ten of each CLUE type prior to graduation. Students who complete the CLUE CHALLENGE receive a signed certificate from the President of CSI and receive a special recognition from the Vice President of Student Affairs.

The CLUE News
QR CodeInformation about campus activities that are CLUE-certified is gathered by the Office of New Student Orientation/CLUE and compiled in the CLUE News on CSI’s Campus Connection. To access the CLUE News on CSI’s Campus Connection, Students can login at,  To log on, students must use their SLAS username and password (if you don’t remember your password or your SLAS account is not active contact the Student HELP Desk 718.982.3695). Students should then join the CLUE News organization at and view all the CLUE-certified events occurring on campus, which are categorized into PG (personal growth) and CC (Co-curricular) CLUEs. If you have a smartphone, use the QR Code to take you directly to the CLUE News.

Getting an Event CLUE-certified (for CLUE Facilitators)
If you are interested in having your event CLUE certified, you must complete a CLUE Proposal form. This form must be completed and returned to the Office of New Student Orientation/CLUE in building 2A, room 208 a minimum of two weeks prior to the date of your scheduled event. All event proposals must be typed and the facilitator of the event can decide if the event should be classified as Personal Growth (PG) or Co-curricular (CC). The Office of New Student Orientation/CLUE reserves the right to edit any event descriptions, if needed. Student clubs or organizations wishing to CLUE certify an event must complete a CLUE Proposal form and have it signed by Debi Kee, Associate Director of Student Life, in order for the event to be certified. All CLUE proposals go through an approval process, and once it has been vetted, it is published in the CLUE News. All CLUE events must be sponsored by a College department, office, or program. CLUE proposals from outside identities without college affiliations are refused CLUE certification and publication. All completed forms may be emailed to Linda Forst at, or faxed to 718.982.2599, or sent to building 2A, room 208. If you have any questions about CLUE certification, please contact the Office of New Student Orientation/CLUE at 718.982.2529.

The New Student Orientation Leadership Program
The Office of New Student Orientation/CLUE is responsible for providing New Student Orientation Leaders at each orientation program. Leaders play a vital role in helping to transition students to the College. The Office of New Student Orientation/CLUE oversees the seasonal (January / Summer) Leadership Program, and recruits current CSI students to develop and build upon their leadership skills by serving as a New Student Orientation Leader. New Student Orientation Leaders serve as role models as well as sources of support and information for new students. Students accepted into this paid seasonal leadership program attend a rigorous training to build upon their leadership capabilities and understanding of the College. If you are interested in becoming a New Student Orientation Leader, you can email the New Student Orientation and Residential Life Specialist, Michael Maslankowski at, or call 718.982.2597 for more information about the program and applying.

The NSOCLUE Mentoring Program
The NSOCLUE Mentoring Program is a peer-mentoring program that offers assistance and information for students year-round, especially those in their first year. The program is staffed by upper-division CSI students (representing many different majors), who are available to assist students with any questions or concerns. The NSOCLUE Mentors create CLUE workshops throughout the year on various topics to help students transition to College, as well as, connect with continuing students as they progress through their college experience. The NSOCLUE Mentors also serve as a resource for information and provide referral services to help students successfully navigate college life. If you wish to contact a NSOCLUE Mentor, please send an email to