College of Staten Island
 The City University of New York

Higher Education Opportunity Act
  Making Textbooks Affordable

Institutions of higher education are required by the 2008 Higher Education Opportunity Act (HEO Act) to make available information regarding materials assigned for each course section (books, course packs, calculators, CDs, etc.) before the term begins. This information is intended to help students plan their access to and/ or purchase of course materials.

CUNY requires every college in compliance with the 2008 HEO Act by Spring 2012.  To this end, CUNY’s Central Office has created Textbook List database available from the CUNY Portal that will act as an online repository for assigned materials. The pilot of this repository will begin this fall for the Spring 2012 semester courses.

This past spring 2011, representatives from each CUNY college were identified for training to coordinate the implementation of this initiative.  Your HEOA Textbook Primary Contact on the CSI Campus is the Chief Librarian, Wilma Jones.  All Chairs are expected to assign a HEO a Textbook Designee, with whom Wilma Jones will correspond to get the database populated and she will also be the liaison between the Textbook List database and the Bookstore.

In order to comply with this initiative, we have an ambitious goal to develop CSI’s Textbook list by the end of December 2011.  This will give students ample lead time to evaluate rentals, used books, and e-books, as well as give the bookstore adequate time to bring in the required course materials needed.   Please note that registration begins on November 3, 2011 for spring 2012 classes and it is hoped that courses with assigned instructors will also have their syllabus/syllabi ready.   Further information about getting the information into the database will be announced later.  In the meantime, if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact