College of Staten Island
 The City University of New York
Center for Advising and Academic Success (CAAS)
Paulette Brower-Garrett, Director

Location: South Administration Bldg (1A), Room 101
Phone: (718) 982.2280

Center for Advising and Academic Success (CAAS)
 Advising Success Steps

Congratulations, your acceptance into CSI exhibits the tremendous work and dedication that you have already invested in towards becoming a life-long learner.  Here, in our academic environment, you will find that educational vigor, exploration, and enlightenment are encouraged and expected. 

To survive and thrive at CSI, you will need to develop a solid understanding of our foundational support systems. Acquiring strong study skills, understanding and utilizing our campus resources, becoming engaged in our community of learners and being committed to persevering through your challenges, will be the keys to your success.

Don’t blink, stay focused and hold on.  An awesome educational experience is awaiting you!

Successful Steps To Graduation

Step 1. Understanding Educational Requirements and Policies
Familiarity with coursework expectations is essential to ensuring your academic success.

Step 2. Effective Utilization of Academic Tools and Resources
Consistent and timely utilization of supportive academic tools and resources cannot be under estimated. These instruments, including the college catalog, degree audit (self-advisement tool) and educational plan can be found under the Resources links.

Step 3. Declaration of Major and Minor
Declaration or acceptance into a selective major of study is required by the time you have earned 45 college-level credits.

Step 4. Exploration and Involvement in Experiential Learning Opportunities
Participation in professional organizations, study abroad, service learning, research, leadership positions and internships during your educational experience gives you a career edge.

Step 5. Applying for Graduation and Advanced Learning Opportunities
Satisfactory completing all required paperwork and processes enables you to earn your degree and reach your goals.