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Center for Advising and Academic Success (CAAS)
 New Student Advisement Worksheet User Guides

These Online Advising Reference Guides are designed to support new students' active participation in their own learning experience during their Advisement & Registration Workshop through New Freshman Orientation. A review of this information will equip you to efficiently complete the process with greater confidence.

The following links allow access to the annotated versions of
your New Student Advisement Worksheets.


A.    Select your corresponding New Student Advisement Worksheet.
B.    Click on any green outlined Lines/Sections to access
       information about that particular requirement. To access the Pop-Up notes
       feature, you may need to view these documents in Internet Explorer or
       download and open with Adobe Reader.

C.    Reference your draft copy of your Advisement Worksheet to guide you
       through your placement and advisement information.

CSI highly encourages students to review the New Student Brochure (which provides a wealth of basic college and degree information), the NSO Day One-Advisement 101 Presentation and NSO Day Two-Advisement 102 Presentation designed to support new students through their first year of studies.