College of Staten Island
 The City University of New York
Center for Advising and Academic Success (CAAS)
Paulette Brower-Garrett, Director

Location: South Administration Bldg (1A), Room 101
Phone: (718) 982.2280

Center for Advising and Academic Success (CAAS)

Entering Students
To start you successfully along your path, your first few months will be committed to orienting you into the College. This process consists of several strategically planned events that you must partake in to begin your educational career at CSI.

  1. Completion of any Assessment Testing that may be required;
  2. Completion of the Language Placement Exam if required;
  3. Submission of all Immunization Requirements;
  4. Participation in the Summer Immersion Program if required;
  5. Attendance at a mandatory Advisement and Registration (ART) session;
  6. Mandatory Participation in New Student Orientation.

After completing each above process, you will have also successfully completed your first advisement and registration process. Thus, you will have developed your schedule and be enrolled in your first semester of classes at CSI. Let me be the first to commend you on this future accomplishment. For many of you, this will be no easy task. Yet, the four to six year journey that you are about to embark upon will be filled with many more wonderful adventures and challenges.
Welcome Aboard!

Advisement and Registration Training (ART)

During your ART session, you will:

  • Obtain portal access;
  • Review your testing results and viable general education courses that are applicable for you during your first semester at CSI;
  • Develop your class schedule and register for classes;
  • Be provided with a copy of your schedule, and referrals to meet with Financial Aid, Admissions, and the Bursar’s Office as needed.

First Year Students
By now, you should be settling into your classes. This is good. Yet, there is much that you need to learn, consider, and decide during your next two years at CSI. To assist you during this process, professional advisors within the Center for Advising and Academic Success (CAAS) will work with you until you have earned 44 college-level credits. By the end of this time, you will be expected to have declared your major and will be transited to work with faculty advisors within your academic disciplines.  

During your journey with us, your goals are simple:

  • to acquire a sound understanding of CSI’s academic resources, tools and support systems;
  • to be able to successfully navigate and utilize them, so that you are empowered to make accurate and informed decisions;
  • to be invested in your educational planning process so that you are enabled to reach your long-term goals.

However, don’t be fooled, this process requires an investment in time, research and energy. Buckle up… this could be a rollercoaster ride.