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Office of the Provost/Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs
 Mission, Vision, Values and
 Fundamental Principles

Mission, Vision, & Values Mission

Grounded in the Liberal Arts tradition, the College of Staten Island is committed to the highest standards in teaching, research, and scholarship. Drawing on the rich heritage of The City University of New York that has provided access to excellence in higher education since 1847, the College of Staten Island offers that same opportunity in New York City’s Borough of Staten Island. The College is dedicated to helping its students fulfill their creative, aesthetic, and educational aspirations through competitive and rigorous undergraduate, graduate, and professional programs. We embrace the strength of our diversity, foster civic mindedness, and nurture responsible citizens for our city, country, and the world.



The College of Staten Island will enhance the quality of its student-centered programs, research, scholarship, and creative works. The College will provide models for initiatives on technology, community, and our environment, as well as effective integration of programs, projects, and methodologies. CSI will develop a richer array of rigorous undergraduate and graduate degree offerings to better meet students’ educational and professional aspirations.  The College of Staten Island will expand its role in The Graduate Center and other cross-campus activities of The City University of New York. We will become an even more vibrant center of intellectual and cultural exchange. The College will be strengthened by increasing its ability to serve a diverse campus community. Through these accomplishments, the College of Staten Island will achieve greater regional, national and international recognition.


Values and Fundamental Principles

Our campus community values:

  1. Each Student
    We nurture each student’s intellectual growth, curiosity, and excitement in order to prepare students to function in a complex and dynamic world.
  2. Excellence in Research and Teaching
    We set and meet high expectations in our academic programs through innovative and effective teaching, scholarship, and research. We strive to promote engagement among students and faculty.
  3. Experiential Learning
    We believe it is essential to provide transformational curricular and co-curricular opportunities, such as service learning, study abroad, leadership development, undergraduate research and scholarship, and internships.
  4. Resourcefulness
    We take pride in our work ethic, our ability to solve problems, and our stewardship of resources.
  5. Community Engagement
    We actively work to instill the value of civic participation and are proud of our leadership role for Staten Island and beyond. We foster partnerships to address public issues and encourage involvement in community affairs.

Our fundamental principles:

  1. Diversity
    Drawing from the richness of our diverse community, we incorporate multiple approaches to developing and encouraging the inclusion of various world views, cultures, and experiences into the fabric of our institution.
  2. Respect
    In our relationships with each other, we insist on mutual respect and thoughtful dialogue. We provide forums for the exchange of ideas informed by the techniques of critical analysis and the traditions of scholarly discourse.
  3. Integrity
    We uphold the highest standards of honesty and fairness in our interactions with each other.