College of Staten Island
 The City University of New York

Business Office

To provide excellent administrative and support service to the College and its employees by:

  • Ensuring that all documents pertaining to payroll transactions for faculty and staff are processed in an accurate and timely manner and in accordance with procedures established by the New York State Department of Audit and Control Payroll Unit.
  • Maintaining an accurate and confidential record of employee payment history.
  • Helping employees understand their payments, benefits and deductions.

Key Personnel:
Gloria Cortopassi – Director of Payroll
Maria Xenakis – Assistant Director of Payroll
Dawn Derbyshire – Administrative Assistant
Robin Schwab – Administrative Assistant
Heather Blaylock – College Office Assistant
Rosemarie McNerney – College Assistant
Jeanne Bernius – College Assistant
Margaret Van Alphen – College Assistant Time and Leave