College of Staten Island
 The City University of New York

Campus Planning and Facilities Management
 Ongoing Projects

Campus Wide Site Security (all buildings)
The College is pursuing design, procurement and installation through a State Contract for a Campus Wide Security System. This will include the Talk-A-Phone (TAP) communication devices for remote locations throughout the campus encased within 12’ Emergency Towers fitted with Blue Lights as well as interior Blue Light devices.  The updated system will include the replacement of the existing video cameras and peripheral devices.

Roof Leak Repairs at Rotundas and Flat Roofs
This project will provide a roof assessment and verification of existing conditions on the flat roof portion of the South Administration Building, North Administration Building, Campus Center and the Library, Buildings 1A, 2A, 1C and 1L.  It will also provide recommendations, including preliminary cost estimates,  to remediate deficiencies in the roof coverings.

Replacement of Entrance Doors for the Sports and Recreation Center and the Campus Center, Buildings 1R and 1C
The entrance doors in the Sports and Recreation Center and the Campus Center are in need of replacement due to settlement of the existing concrete pavers at the entrances to the buildings.  The architectural design firm Liro Architects has been retained to develop design and construction documents as well as provide construction administration services for the replacement of the entrance doors, frames and hardware for the two buildings. 

Vestibule Entry for the Library, Building 1L
In order to provide better heat and air conditioning control on the first floor of the Library, a new exterior vestibule for the main entrance has been designed. The project will provide an enclosed vestibule with a heat curtain, an enclosed glass and aluminum entry vestibule which will allow for the control of air temperature in the lobby throughout the year. 

High Performance Computer Facility, Building 1M, Room 206
This project will expand and improve the High Performance Computer Facility.  CUNY has deployed the HPC Facility for use by faculty and students. Athena, a super computer, several times more powerful than any computer system within the campuses of the City University of New York, is capable of completing research projects -- such as studying Staten Island transportation patterns, migratory bird trends and the effects of global warming -- 10 times faster than it used to take.  

Roof Replacement at the Children's Center
The roof on the Children's Center has reached the end of its useful life.  Architectural consultant URS has preparing design and construction documents for replacing the roof and mobilization for the roof replacement was begun the week of October 26th.  The work is expected to take eight weeks bringing the completion date to the week of December 14th. 

Sports and Recreation Fitness Center Renovation
In order to better accommodate the needs of the students and members of the Sports and Recreation Center, an expansion of the Fitness Center has been planned. This project will expand the existing Fitness Center floor area on the second floor of the 1R Building into the existing conference room. Larry Mandarino, CSI-hired architect, will prepare construction documents and procure Building Department approval.

Advanced Imaging Laboratory Renovations in the Laboratory Science Building
Flad Architects has been retained to provide architectural and engineering services to develop the design and construction documents for the renovation of the existing SEM/TEM electronic microscopes suite in the basement of Building 6S, the Lab Science Building.  The scope of the project includes minor renovations to the existing laboratory and the expansion into undeveloped storage space to accommodate new equipment purchases. 

Science Building Mechanical Renovations at the Laboratory Sciences Building
A Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning (HVAC) mechanical renovation of the Lab Science Building (6S) has been begun.  The scope of this project includes reducing the air changes in the building as well as the total number of air handlers, roof replacement on both the North and South wings and chemical fume hood upgrades.  Because of the significant energy savings resulting from the work, the New York Power Authority (NYPA) has agreed to fund a portion of the project.  Construction trailers have been set up between the 6S and 4S buildings to facilitate the work which is expected to last for 18 months.