College of Staten Island
 The City University of New York
Location: Bldg 1M, 201
Phone Ext: 3220

Operational Services
 Oncampus Transportation

Building 1M, Room 201
Phone Ext: 3220

Office Hours

Oncampus Transportation is open Monday - Friday.
From 9:00 am to 4:00 pm
Operational Services provides on campus transportation for use by Students, Faculty and Staff. The service is provided by contracted outside vendors. The services provided are both a loop road bus service and a smaller vehicle to address the needs of our rider ship with disabilities.

Ferry Shuttle Service
Visit the Ferry Shuttle Service website for updates and to view the Ferry Shuttle schedule and calendar.

Loop Bus Service
Loop Bus Calendar
Loop Bus Schedule

All bus schedules can be found in the public areas on campus (Public Safety, Library, Registrar, Cafeteria, etc.) if you would like one mailed to you please contact Operational Services at Ext 3220. Bus Schedules are posted monthly at all campus bus stops.

Disability Bus Service
Service is provided for College of Staten Island rider ship that normally can not use the services provided by the loop bus due to some form of disability. This service is provided to any student, faculty or staff requiring this service. Unlike the loop bus, which runs on a time table, this service is provided on a per-call basis. When in need of the service and if the hours are between 09:00 AM and 05:00 PM please call Operational Services at 3220 to have the bus dispatched to your location. At times before or after normal business hours, please call Campus Safety office at 2112 to have the bus dispatched to you.
Disability Van Calendar

Interface with MTA
Operational Services is constantly trying to improve our relationship with the MTA and in the past has been successful in securing the cooperation of the MTA to provide better service for our College rider ship. By our efforts the MTA has initiated the following service which was not available until now.

The MTA has initiated a new schedule for the S93 which runs between 86th Street & Fourth Avenue in Brooklyn and the College all day. It serves direct connections to the Brooklyn bus routes B8, B16, B37, B63, B64 and B70 and Subway route R. The bus will leave the campus starting at 5:45AM and run continuously throughout the day with the last bus scheduled to leave at 9:15PM.  It will leave Bay Ridge, Brooklyn starting at 6:35AM and run throughout the day with the last bus scheduled to leave at 10:00PM. The trip is estimated to be about 40 minutes. View the S93 schedule effective August 31, 2014. Any additional information about the S93 can be found online at