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 The Foreign Language Requirement

Department of World Languages and Literature
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All students enrolled in an Associate in Arts, Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Science in Art, Communications, Dramatic Arts, or Music must demonstrate intermediate competency in a foreign language. The foreign language requirement can be satisfied by:

  • completing level 113, 114 and 213 of the same foreign language;
  • OR completing level 120 and 220 of the same foreign language;
  • OR by taking a placement exam.

Placement Test

Who needs to take the placement exam?

  • Students who wish to continue with the same foreign language studied in high school must take the proficiency examination prior to registering for the desired foreign language course.
  • Students who have received unofficial training in a language (spoken at home or workplace, study abroad, etc..) are encouraged to take the proficiency examination to determine appropriate level of placement or exemption.

 Who does NOT need to take the placement exam?

  • If students wish to study a different foreign language in which they have no prior training, they may register directly for beginning levels (113 or 120) in that language.


Students can demonstrate proficiency in a language and be exempted from the 1st, 2nd or 3rd level of a foreign language by completing the placement test. For example, students can be exempted from taking 113 by achieving a passing grade for level 113 on the placement test. Students in this category will only need to take the remaining two courses (114-213) to complete the language requirement.

Those students who achieve a passing grade for level 215 (4th level) and above on the placement test are automatically exempted from the language requirement.


Students possessing a foreign high school degree from a non-English speaking country will receive an automatic exemption from the foreign language requirement. 

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