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1. What is a Co-Curricular Transcript?
The Co-Curricular Transcript is an official record of leadership accomplishments, involvement in student organizations, community service activities, and professional/educational development programs.  It is designed as a means of recognizing extracurricular learning, development, and contributions.  Official copies of the Co- Curricular Transcript can be used to supplement résumés and academic transcripts when applying to graduate/professional schools and prospective employers.

2. How is a Co-Curricular Transcript useful to me?
The Co-Curricular Transcript complements your résumé and academic transcript by specifying your achievements/activities for graduate school admission counselors, fellowship or scholarship evaluators, or professional employment recruiters.

3. When should I start the Co-Curricular Transcript process?
It is recommended that you begin the co-curricular transcript process during your first year at CSI to preserve the integrity and accuracy of the document.  The sooner a transcript is started after the activity has been completed, the more accurate the information it contains can be.  Those who are further along in their education should begin a co-curricular transcript as soon as possible.

4. What type of activities should be included in a Co-Curricular Transcript?
The Co-Curricular Transcript should include achievements/activities in the following areas:

  • Leadership Activities- participation in student organizations, programs and clubs on campus, including titles of responsibility.
  • Organizations, Programs, Activities- extended participation in recognized organizations, and/or activities.
  • Honors, Awards, Scholarships or other Academic Recognition- any formal recognition of academic or scholarly success.
  • Scholarship and Fellowship applications completed- even if ultimately you did not receive the award.  It is important to note if you were a runner-up, alternate, or selected for the second round of reviews which may have included an interview.
  • Professional or Educational Development Activities- participation in learning experiences such as seminars, training programs, conferences or volunteer experience related to personal and professional development.
  • Community Service/Volunteerism- participation in any community service or volunteer activities of any duration.

5. How do I document activities for my Co-Curricular Transcript?
You must complete a Co-Curricular Transcript Entry/Validation for every activity you are documenting and submit it on-line through the the link above, or by clicking here

6. How and when should my Co-Curricular activities be submitted?
All Co-Curricular Transcript Entry/Validation Forms should be submitted at the end of each semester, documenting all activities which you participated for the semester.  This should be done consistently for each fall and spring semester of your freshman, sophomore, junior, and senior years.  Students should review Transcripts regularly and remember to complete a final review two months before graduation.

7. Who validates Co-Curricular Transcripts?
The Career & Scholarship Center will review all entries and verify that the information is accurate. Once validation is confirmed, the activity will be permanently entered on your Co-Curricular Transcript.

8. Who has access to my Co-Curricular Transcript file?
You and the Career & Scholarship Center staff.