College of Staten Island
 The City University of New York

Center for Career and Professional Development
 Employer Advisory Board

Advisory Board Rationale
Finding a fulfilling career in today’s job environment requires identifying the fields and roles that match one’s capabilities and experience, developing competitive job search and interview skills, and cultivating a professional network. In addition, students must have the most up-to-date training and knowledge of emerging trends in their field of study.  To that end, the Center for Career and Professional Development Advisory Board will create partnerships with leaders in the corporate and nonprofit sectors to help students to succeed in the internship and job search process and support the college in its mission to provide well educated, well prepared and highly skilled students who can compete for positions in an array of businesses, industries, and nonprofit sectors of the workforce.

Mission Statement

  • To provide insight, advice and counsel on curriculum, career trends, economic forces and cultural shifts that impact current and future career opportunities for students at the College of Staten Island.
  • To lend support to the Center for Career and Professional Development and help strengthen the services offered for students and employers.


  • Support and advise the Center for Career and Professional Development Director and staff on matters of career and employment preparation
  • Identify employment market needs and current/future hiring trends
  • Support career development activities
  • Provide information about internships and employment opportunities in board member’s industry and identification of skills that make student candidates most marketable and competitive for such opportunities.
  • Identify critical needs in course work offerings, including curriculum design, internship requirements for graduation, and other relevant career preparation/planning training.

Benefits to Advisory Board Members

  • Partner with the college and other corporations and nonprofit businesses and industries to develop innovative ideas and share best practices in career services and talent development
  • Collaborate with faculty, staff, and other board members to provide employers with competent and qualified new hires. Upon review of the curriculum, generate recommendations that will enhance program offerings and provide   students with up-to-date and relevant skills and knowledge that will enable them to compete successfully in their field.
  • Enhance the visibility and image of Board members’ organizations with college of Staten Island students, faculty, and administration
  • Develop contacts with Center for Career and Professional Development staff and College of Staten Island faculty for accessing talent for internships and jobs
  • Interact with CSI students, faculty, and other employers on career trends
  • Maintain knowledge about current and future hiring trends


  • Standing committee will include six to eight members in addition to the Center Director or designee who will serve as Chairperson, three CSI faculty members, three employers representing diversity in the areas of business, industry, education, and government sectors and one CSI student representative.
  • Committee will meet twice a year (once a semester) typically in April and November. 
  • Committee members will serve for a maximum of two years with an option to extend membership for one year.
  • Possible convening of additional sub committees to address growing or changing needs in the area of career development