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Graduate Catalog 2012-2013

Accounting Degree Requirements

Students in the Master’s degree program in Accounting are required to take 30 credit hours, or ten courses at three credits each, at the graduate level. Most students will have satisfied prerequisites in accounting, communications (through a communications course or through business classes with major presentation requirements such as upper-level courses in management and marketing), computer fundamentals (one course equivalent to BUS 150), economics (two courses equivalent to microeconomics and macroeconomics and quantitative methods (minimum of pre-calculus and statistics) as undergraduates. With prerequisites satisfied, all students are required to take four core courses:

Core Courses

FNC 600

Financial Management

MGT 600

The Adminstrative Process

MGT 605

Business Governemnt and Society

MKT 600

Strategic Marketing Management

These courses, as well as later courses, may involve case studies, computer simulations, formal presentations and projects, and exploring the Internet. Once these core courses have been completed, students are required to take five advanced courses:

Advanced Courses

ACC 725

Foresnsic Accounting

ACC 730

Accounting/Management Information Systems

ACC 750

Accounting Research

FNC 730

Financial Statement Analysis

MGT 770

Managerial Decision Making and Applications

The capstone course, Managerial Decision Making and Applications, involves a comprehensive and integrative approach to managing an organization over time through computer simulation. There is a significant quantitative and financial aspect to the course complemented by a qualitative analysis of business policy and strategy over time. While not a thesis per se, a significant written assignment is required at the culmination of the course in addition to smaller papers during the term. This capstone course is comparable to those offered at many business schools worldwide. It is a very rigorous experience designed to bolster the program’s intent of training decision makers.

In addition, students will select one course from the following:

ACC 740

Tax Strategies and Business Decisions

BUS 720

Global Strategy Abroad: Focusing on a Foreign Based Firm

FNC 740

Financial Planning

MGT 710

Leadership and Organization Effectiveness

MGT 720

Global Business Strategy

MGT 730

Strategic Human Resource Management

MGT 790

Seminar in Contemporary Business Topics

MGT 820

Intellectual Property Management

MKT 730

Services Marketing and Management

MKT 740

Business to Business Marketing

The advanced courses in accounting and finance provide an in-depth understanding of investigative accounting. They blend knowledge of accounting information systems, accounting research, forensic accounting, and financial statement analysis to understand how to conduct detailed investigations of accounting activity and to strengthen the integrity of accounting systems.

The core courses provide students with a broader understanding of the other major business disciplines (management, marketing and finance), as well as the norms of ethics and social responsibility that influence accounting decisions and outcomes.

The degree will also enable students to meet the 150 credit requirement for CPA licensure while providing students with the broader perspective now

emphasized by the accounting profession.

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Graduate Catalog 2012-2013

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