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Graduate Catalog 2012-2013

Clinical Doctorate in Physical Therapy (DPT)

The College of Staten Island and the Graduate Center of the City of New York (CUNY) offer jointly a Clinical Doctoral program in Physical Therapy leading to the DPT degree. (The Graduate Center will award the degree). The DPT program is in keeping with the American Physical Therapy Association (APTA) recommendation that physical therapists be doctorally credentialed. The program is accredited by the Commission on Accreditation in Physical Therapy Education (CAPTE). For more information, please visit the CAPTE website. Graduates will be eligible for the National Physical Therapy Examination. Results from this examination will be used to apply for state licensure.

Program Goals

The DPT program prepares students to become clinician-scientists who can competently apply research to clinical practice, perform all aspects of physical therapy (PT) practice, and perform clinical research. It will prepare graduates to examine, evaluate, diagnose, and intervene in the management of impairments, functional limitations, and disabilities of the cardiopulmonary, musculoskeletal, neuromuscular, and integumentary systems. The program meets changing national standards as well as community needs for physical therapists working in a multitude of settings.

Admissions Requirements

The academic and clinical requirements for admissions are as follows:

  1. Students must have completed a baccalaureate degree from a regionally accredited four-year institution by the end of the semester prior to entry
  2. Two semesters of anatomy and physiology for science majors, with laboratories
  3. Two semesters of physics for science majors, with laboratories
  4. Two semesters of chemistry for science majors, with laboratories
  5. Two semesters of psychology (including one semester of developmental psychology or child psychology)
  6. One semester of mathematics (precalculus or college algebra and trigonometry)
  7. One semester of statistics (we recommend a course that includes computer applications)
  8. One semester of English composition (e.g., expository writing)
  9. CPR certification by the American Health Association or Red Cross
  10. For applicants who have not studied in English-speaking countries, a score of at least 550 (paper), 213 (computer), or 79-80 (Internet) on the TOEFL examination
  11. Documented clinical experience of at least 100 hours in the United States under the supervision of a licensed physical therapist, with a minimum of 50 hours in one or more different practice settings (e.g., private practice, nursing home, pediatric or school setting, outpatient setting). The potential applicant may inquire at any hospital or other facility about volunteering in its physical therapy department as a means of gaining access to clinical experience. A Clinical Experience Form must be provided by the physical therapist by the deadline of November 1 for each program
  12. All prerequisite requirements must be met prior to the starting date of the program in which the applicant is seeking admission
  13. An undergraduate grade point average (GPA) of 3.0 calculated from all college courses
  14. Filing of a Graduate Center Application for Admission
  15. GRE scores (Graduate Center Code is 2113)
  16. Application checklist

For Applications Contact:

Admissions Office

The Graduate Center of CUNY

365 Fifth Avenue, Room 7201

New York, NY 10016-4309

Please note that the DPT program at the College of Staten Island begins in the fall semester.


Application Deadline:

College of Staten Island

Deadline for Fall 2013 admissions: November 1, 2012

For Inquiries about the Program, Please Contact:

Dr. Jeffrey Rothman

Chair, Department of Physical Therapy

College of Staten Island/Graduate Center

2800 Victory Blvd

Staten Island, NY 10314

Phone: 718.982.3153

Fax: 718.982.2984


Academic Requirements

The curriculum is 105 credits and can be completed over a three-year period. In addition to course and program requirements and clinical internship performance, students will be required to pass comprehensive examinations, clinical internships, and a research project.

The First Examination will be a written comprehensive exam of first-year course work as well as successful completion of the students' first clinical affiliation (the assessment tool for the clinical affiliations is the Clinical Performance Instrument (CPI) which includes specific details and objectives that must be successfully achieved) and will be required after completion of the first year. The Second Examination will be a written comprehensive exam of second-year course work as well as successful completion of the second clinical affiliation (the assessment tool for the clinical affiliations is the Clinical Performance Instrument (CPI) which includes specific details and objectives that must be successfully achieved) and will be required after completion of the second year. The research requirement includes a series of research courses leading toward the completion of student group research projects. Successful completion of this research requirement includes a manuscript acceptable for submission for publication. Upon graduation, each degree candidate will qualify for the National Physical Therapy Examination and state licenser.

In sum: each student is expected to satisfactorily complete:

  • 105 credits
  • First Examination
  • Second Examination
  • Four Clinical Affiliations
  • Publishable Research Project

For more information about the Physical Therapy DPT curriculum please visit Graduate Center DPT FAQs.

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