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CSI Clean Air NY Champions

The College is partnered with Clean Air NY through our CommuterLink car pooling efforts, and we are considered to be a "Clean Air NY Champion”. The College’s ongoing efforts in making substantial contributions to improving the air we breathe by promoting car pooling and ride sharing, and by providing students, faculty and staff with a Shuttle bus and Loop bus to reduce the number of cars on campus has allowed us to achieve the status of “Champion”.

Ferry Shuttle Service

Ride the CSI Ferry Shuttle between CSI and the St George Ferry Terminal for Free! Pick up at the Ferry Terminal is on the North Ramp. When you exit the ferry boat and enter the lobby proceed to your left. Take the elevator or stairs to the street level. The bus stop is to your right. When on campus you can pick up the Ferry Shuttle on the Great Lawn side of Building 2A at the Ferry Shuttle Shelter. If you need any further assistance please call Operational Services at 718.982.3220 from Mon- Fri 8:00am – 5:30pm, for all other times contact Public Safety at 718.982.2111. Visit the website for the monthly calendar and shuttle time table. Please note that buses can be delayed due to weather and traffic conditions. We ask that you remember to be kind, considerate, and courteous to your fellow riders and bus drivers.


Students, faculty, and staff are encouraged to utilize the services of the regional carpooling and rideshare organization.

  • Commuterlink: Commuterlink provides information on carpooling and rideshare for regional commuters including a guaranteed ride home program for people who have emergency needs to alter their hours or work late. Faculty and staff are particularly encouraged to utilize the services of Commuterlink:
  • GoLoco: Students are strongly encouraged to utilize the services of rideshare programs such as GoLoco. The College is working with to promote rideshare and lower commuting costs for students. By notifying students of potential rideshare opportunities, the College hopes to increase the availability of carpooling from key student resident areas. The College has already established a group Webpage for CSI. For more information go to:

By Bus

Buses on the Victory Boulevard route stop at the main entrance to the College. Buses on the Forest Hill Road route stop at the East entrance to the College.

Victory Boulevard buses - St. George/Travis

S62 - frequent weekday service and service every 30 minutes on Saturdays and Sunday.

From 8:30am to 11:30pm to the ferry, and from 7:30am to 12:20am from the ferry; the S62 makes a stop inside the Victory Boulevard entrance to the campus.

S92 - commuter schedule from Travis every 15 minutes from 6:30am to 7:42am and from St. George every 15 minutes from 4:50pm to 6:00pm.

Richmond Avenue buses - North/South route

The Richmond Avenue and Victory Boulevard stop is two blocks from the entrance to the campus.

S44 - frequent service on weekdays and runs every 30 minutes on Saturday and Sunday.

S59 - every 30 minutes every day.

Forest Hill Road buses - South Shore/St. George route

S61 - frequent daily and weekend service.

S91 - commuter schedule weekdays.

Brooklyn buses


Bay Ridge - 95th Street/Port Richmond

Frequent weekday service; stops at Victory Boulevard for transfer to S62 or S92.


The S93 runs limited service Monday-Friday between 86th Street and 4th Avenue R subway station in Brooklyn and the College. This route eliminates bus transfer and saves you up to 15 minutes a trip.

Manhattan/Staten Island Express bus

X-10 Express bus - frequent daily schedule from 57th Street and 3rd Avenue to Victory Boulevard and the return route; stops at the campus main entrance.

Call 718.330.1234 for information and schedules for local buses and Manhattan/Staten Island express buses.

By automobile from the Staten Island Expressway (Interstate 278)

Traveling westbound on the Staten Island Expressway from the Verrazano-Narrows Bridge, take the Victory Boulevard Exit (#10). At Victory Boulevard, turn left and continue under the Expressway and turn left into the campus at the first traffic light. Eastbound on the SI Expressway, take the Victory Boulevard Exit (#8) and turn left onto Victory Boulevard, and turn right at the traffic light to enter the campus.


On-campus parking is available to registered students and employees who purchase a decal and agree to observe all parking regulations. Decals are available from the Office of Parking & DolphinCard Services located in Building 3A, Room 106, telephone 718.982.2294. Students are sold permits for on-campus parking at the time of registration on a first-come, first-served basis. A detailed parking information booklet is available upon request. Speed limit: 25 mph.

Transportation within the Campus

Loop Bus - leaves the main gate approximately every ten minutes for a trip around the internal loop with regular stops at 1A and 2A only; in operation during regular class schedule with adjusted hours for advisement and registration periods.

Van for Disabled

Dispatched by the Office of Operational Services or Security as requested.

For more information go to: or

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Graduate Catalog 2014-2015

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Tuition and Fees

Financial Aid

Academic Policies and Procedures

Academic Services/Student Services

Graduate Degrees and Certificate Programs

CUNY Doctoral Degree Programs

Graduate Programs, Disciplines, and Course Offerings

Master of Science in Accounting (MS)

Autism Spectrum Disorders Advanced Certificate

Master of Science in Biology (MS)

Master of Science in Business Management (MS)

Master of Arts in Cinema and Media Studies (MA)

Master of Science in Computer Science (MS)

Graduate Programs in Education

Master of Arts in English (MA)

Master of Science in Environmental Science (MS)

Master of Arts in History (MA)

Master of Arts in Liberal Studies (MA)

Master of Arts in Clinical Mental Health Counseling (MA)

Master of Science in Neuroscience, Mental Retardation, and Developmental Disabilities (MS)

Graduate Programs in Nursing

Master of Science in Adult - Gerontological Nursing (MS)

Advanced Certificate Programs

Nursing Courses

Doctorate in Physical Therapy (DPT)

Program Overview

Accreditation Status

Program Goals

Graduation, Enrollment, Licensure Pass Rates

Doctorate in Physical Therapy (DPT) Admission, Application, Progression and Retention Requirements

Doctorate in Physical Therapy (DPT) Degree Requirements

Clinical Affiliations

Program FAQS

Physical Therapy Courses

PHT 70100 Clinical Anatomy

PHT 70200 Medical Terminology

PHT 70300 Foundations of Patient Care

PHT 70400 Introduction to Physical Therapy Practice & Ethics

PHT 70500 Upper Extremity Kinesiology & Assessment

PHT 70600 Psychosocial Aspects of Clinical Practice

PHT 71000 Research Design

PHT 72000 Human Physiology and Exercise Physiology

PHT 73000 Structure and Function of the Nervous System

PHT 74000 PT Interventions and Preventions

PHT 75000 Physical Modalities - Clinical Decision Making and Application

PHT 76000 Lower Extremity Kinesiology & Assessment

PHT 77000 Directed Research I

PHT 78000 Clinical Medicine for PT

PHT 79500 Integumentary System: Assessment & Intervention

PHT 80000 Introduction to Musculoskeletal Examination

PHT 80100 Pulmonary Evaluation and Interventions

PHT 80200 Clinical Education: Education Theories

PHT 80300 Differential Diagnosis & Intervention in Clinical Orthopedics

PHT 80400 Introduction to Neurological PT

PHT 80500 Musculoskeletal Examination I

PHT 80600 Clinical Affiliation I

PHT 80700 Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation

PHT 80800 Differential Diagnosis in Neurological Evaluation

PHT 80900 Directed Research II

PHT 81000 Neurological Interventions I

PHT 81100 Cardiac Rehabilitation

PHT 82000 Clinical Orthopedics II/Radiology and Imaging

PHT 83000 Orthotics & Prosthetics

PHT 84000 Differential Diagnosis & Intervention in Clinical Neurology

PHT 85000 Musculoskeletal Examination II

PHT 86000 Directed Research III

PHT 87000 Health Promotion through the Life Span

PHT 87200 Topics in PT

PHT 88000 Neurological Interventions II

PHT 88100 Seminar on Organization and Management

PHT 88200 Pediatric Development and Assessment

PHT 88300 Pharmacology and Systems Review

PHT 88400 Musculoskeletal Examination III

PHT 88500 Electroneuromyography and Motion Analysis

PHT 88600 Clinical Affiliation II

PHT 88700 Clinical Decision Making

PHT 88800 Directed Research IV

PHT 88950 Clinical Affiliation III

PHT 89000 Clinical Affiliation IV

PHT 90000 Directed Research V

Doctorate in Physical Therapy (DPT)

Master of Social Work (MSW)

Master of Social Work (MSW) Mission and Goals

Master of Social Work (MSW) Admission Requirements

Master of Social Work (MSW) Dismissal, Probation, Continuation and Graduation

Master of Social Work (MSW) Degree Requirements

Social Work Courses

Topics Courses and Independent Study

Graduate Courses in Selected Disciplines

American Studies Courses

Art Courses

Biology Courses

Computer Science Courses

Dramatic Arts Courses

Environmental Science Courses

Geography Courses

History Courses

Mathematics Courses

Political Science Courses

Science Courses


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