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 The City University of New York
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Give Respect 2 Get Respect
 The Civility Campaign

Welcome to the College of Staten Island’s Civility Campaign website. This website has been created to promote Civility on campus, “Give Respect 2 Get Respect (GR2GR)” is the Civility Campaign slogan, and you may have seen posters in various buildings on campus. Do you know what civility is?

The Civility Campaign at the College of Staten Island seeks to build a sense of respect, unity, community and awareness throughout the College. Join the Civility Committee in a campaign to build a more unified and civil community at the College.

This website will be a forum for discussion and promotion of Civility. It will also provide resources to define and understand the importance of Civility on our campus while providing tools to create a framework in which to build a more civil campus. There are links to social media where you can express your ideas of what it means to be civil.

Students, Faculty, Staff and Administrators all play a pivotal role in creating a civil environment. Participate in your community and add your voice to the discourse, and together we will foster civility throughout the campus.