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Career Opportunities and Major Planning:
Achieving Student Success

When you are mapping out your academic path, you need to know where you are starting, where you want to end up, and how to get there. COMPASS can provide you the direction you need. We offer various workshops, advising sessions, and career coaching to help you:

  • Understand your interests, skills, and values and learn about majors and careers that suit you
  • Find an appropriate major and the tools to get the most out of it
  • Develop career goals and the skills to pursue them

Whether you are undecided on a major or simply looking to fine tune your interests, COMPASS offers something for everyone.

COMPASS is a collaboration of the Center for Advising and Academic Success and the Career and Scholarship Center.


Guess My Major Quiz Show - Tuesday, October 14, 2014 2:30 1P-116
Did you know Ashton Kutcher majored in Biochemical Engineering? Recent Macarthur "Genius" Award winning pianist Jeremy Denk also studied Chemistry? Michael Jordan studied Geography and Julia Roberts majored in Veterinary studies?
Come spin the major wheel and guess the majors of your favorite celebrities. Learn about majors and get M&Ms!                                                                                                 

Major Scavenger Hunt - Runs throughout M&M Weeks
What can you do with a Philosophy degree? What CAN'T you do? An undergraduate degree equips you to do many things you've never dreamed of. Go on a Major Scavenger Hunt and learn about what your professors got their bachelor's degrees in, or what staff studied as undergraduates. You'll be surprised at what you turn up!
Get a scavenger hunt treasure map starting October 14 at CAAS (1A-101) or any of the events listed in M&Ms week! Complete it successfully and you'll win some yummy M&M treats!

"Adventures of a(n) _______ Major" StorySLAM - Thursday, October 16, 2014 2:30 1P-116
Join us for is a storytelling competition and share three minutes of your life in a room full of people who appreciate a well-told tale. Story slammers will sign-up to tell a 3-minute short story that relates to the theme "Adventures of a(n) ________ Major." This story must be true and your own. The audience and the judges are expecting real life adventures.  Real stories have a beginning, middle and end. And they have a point. Stories can be humorous, emotional, inspirational, etc. Judges will scores each performance and award prizes for the best story. And there will be food!

"Show Your Major" Instagram Contest - Runs throughout M&M Weeks

Students in this Instagram Contest will post photos or photo montages that attempt to visually illustrate what their major is about, what inspires them about their major, and what their major is enabling them to be. Students will submit works to the CAAS Instagram page, and then a team of judges will assess the strongest images. First, second, and third prizes will be awarded.


Meet Your Major Fair -Monday, October 20, 2014 1:00 1C-Green Dolphin Lounge

The Meet Your Major Fair brings together faculty representing nearly all majors at CSI, so you, in one place, can learn about all the majors that catch your imagination. Learn about majors, careers, internships, all from faculty and professional advisors. Students in good standing can declare their majors. AND there will be cookies.

Pathfinder: Undergraduate Major Exploration Series - Runs October 21 - October 25 - Location TBD.

After students have had the opportunity to explore majors and minors through the events listed above, they can attend a Pathfinder workshop to gain more in-depth perspective on a major or minor of their choice. The Pathfinder discipline-specific workshop provides information on curriculum, career options, the Degree Works Student Degree Audit, and various career exploration tools. We will offer 25 Pathfinder sessions representing all disciplines over the course of a week. Students may attend as many as they are interested in. Students in good standing can declare their majors at these events. We also consider these sessions group advising sessions. As such, students who declare, or who attend a session in their declare majors, will have their advising  worksheet emailed to them and their advising hold removed without having to see their advisor.