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The CSI Counseling Center is accredited by the
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Counseling Center
 Procedures and Forms for Readmission
 and Grade Appeals


Have you ever wondered what you can do about X/FIN/WU/WN grades you earned while attending CSI? 

If you have been academically dismissed from CSI, do you know how to apply for readmission? 

The good news is just one click away!  For answers to these questions and other details, open each link below and carefully read and follow the instructions outlined in the Procedures for Readmission/Grade Appeals.  All paperwork must be printed out, completed, and handed to a staff member in the Counseling Center in 1A-109 for submission to the Committee on Course and Standing. You should give yourself several weeks to prepare the appeal so that you will have adequate time to identify and collect all required paperwork.  We urge you to avoid a last minute effort and to submit your appeal well in advance of the appeal deadlines.  Students will be notified about the committee’s decision within two weeks of the meeting.

If you have questions about making an appeal, or if you wish to speak with a counselor about a personal or academic matter, don’t hesitate to stop by 1A-109 or call (718) 982-2391. We will be happy to help.  

Good Luck!      

Readmission Appeals:

Grade Appeals (X/WU/FIN/WN):

The Fall 2016 and Spring 2017 deadlines to submit Undergraduate Appeals (submitted no later than 3:00PM) to the Course and Standing Committee are:

September 8, 2016
October 13, 2016
November 10, 2016
December 8, 2016

Graduate Appeals are reviewed by the Graduate Appeals Committee on the first Monday of each month. Graduate students should ensure that their appeal paperwork is submitted to the Counseling Center in advance of this deadline.