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CUNY Multimedia Regional Center

 The CUNY Multimedia Regional Center

Anna Carter, Coordinator of Interpreting Services
BA, NIC: Advanced
Location: Center for the Arts (1P), Room 101
Phone: (718) 982-2510
Fax: (718) 982-2117

Maryellen Smolka, Coordinator of Speech-To-Text Services, CART Trainer/Provider, Interpreter
Location: Building 1N, Room 115
Phone: (718) 982-3341
Fax: (718) 982-3480 &

Welcome to the CUNY Multimedia Regional Center

The CUNY Multimedia Regional Center (MMRC) is committed to professional collaboration with all CUNY Colleges serving Deaf or Hard of Hearing students. The MMRC provides information and referrals to support campus accommodations.

Mission of the CUNY Multimedia Regional Center

The mission of the CUNY Multimedia Regional Center special project is to support all CUNY Colleges on issues related to Deaf and Hard of Hearing students and service provision, including professional development opportunities for staff, information and referrals, information on technical advances and training. 

Initiatives are facilitated in collaboration with the Central Office for Student Affairs and Howard Hines, University Coordinator of Deaf and Hard of Hearing Services.  All efforts are guided by the CUNY Council on Student Disability Issues (COSDI).