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Resource Center for the Deaf &
Hard of Hearing

  CART & Technology

What is CART Service at CUNY?

  • CART is an acronym for Communication Access Realtime Translation, which is a service specifically recognized by the Americans with Disabilities Act, Section 36.303 (b)(1).
  • CART Service at CUNY is the instant verbatim translation of the spoken word, including parenthetical representation of environmental sounds, into printed text. 
  • CART services empower students to decide for themselves the information that is important to them.
  • Trained professionals facilitate realtime communication in a variety of academic settings using state of the art technology, such as speech recognition engines, enabling students to be fully integrated.
What is Remote CART Service at CUNY?

Remote CART at CUNY provides the same service and efficacy, except the CART provider is connected to the classroom or event, from a remote location. Remote CART fosters greater independence to the student while seamlessly enabling full integration.

Remote CART allows students to be in a mainstream environment in an inconspicuous and non-invasive way. It allows “students” to be students and not “deaf or hard of hearing students.”

LiveScribe Smart Pen

  • The LiveScribe Smart Pen provides access and accommodations related to notetaking, test taking, learning disabilities, and other academic issues students with disabilities may encounter.  The LiveScribe Smart Pen records spoken communication in correspondence with written notes and can save the information electronically.  The LiveScribe Smart Pen benefits students with various disabilities and is being utilized across CUNY.