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About the Project
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Mission Statement

The College of Staten Island-Staten Island Project is designed to integrate the work of the College with the public affairs concerns of the people of Staten Island. To that end, it mediates and facilitates the collaboration of the College's faculty, students, and staff with government, civic organizations, and businesses in order to identify and assist in finding solutions to the borough's pressing public issues. More specifically, CSI-SIP serves as an information and consultation resource to prepare citizens and leaders to make better informed decisions about public life; it fosters the development of faculty research and undergraduate and graduate education through engagement with the Staten Island community; and it builds bridges to other public affairs institutes and local communities as a spur to innovations in public life on Staten Island. Whenever possible, CSI-SIP seeks to partner with community groups and agencies in advancing initiatives of mutual interest and in fulfilling consonant missions.

While encouraging and facilitating debate that accommodates differing and sometimes conflicting positions on controversial issues crucial to the community, CSI-SIP is committed to maintaining a non-partisan stance.

CSI and the Borough Economy

CSI has, of course, since its founding, played an important role in the economic, as well as educational, life of Staten Island. We estimate that one-third of Staten Island households have a connection to the College—current or past—as students, graduates, or employees. Since 1976, CSI has conferred more than 40,000 degrees; nearly 1,900 were awarded in 2003 alone. The College is the Island's second largest employer; nearly 69% of its more than 1,600 employees reside on Staten Island. They spend an estimated $12.4 million annually in the borough. CSI students spend another $9.0 million locally while the College itself spends approximately $1.3 million on Staten Island for goods, services, and utilities.

The CSI Library

The CSI Library, with its expanding electronic resources, exhibit spaces, and growing Archives and Special Collections is well suited to serve as the locus of many of the project's activities. The Archives provide a comfortable space for small lectures and discussions; its collections support faculty and student research and programs.

CSI-SIP on the Web

A central component of CSI-SIP is a strong presence on the Web. Internet sites are the preferred medium for delivering information to the community, the press, and the network of policy institutions in the city, state, and nation. On the CSI-SIP site, users will find information on the project, working papers, data banks, reports, and Geographic Information Systems maps.

CSI Faculty, Staff, and Students

The progress of CSI-SIP is the responsibility of a CSI Faculty and Staff Steering Committee. Many of the members of the Steering Committee are also CSI-SIP Associates, a group of more than 30 CSI faculty and staff who have specialized knowledge in a range of public affairs domains. They are available to answer questions that reach the College from government agencies, civic organizations, or the media. They are also available to speak at community events and other forums, again in their areas of interest and expertise.

A significant outreach arm of the College into the community is represented by its students. Eighty Island companies, governmental agencies, and health care institutions offer internship and fellowship opportunities to CSI students. Hundreds of students each year work in the government and not-for-profit sectors through credit-granting internship programs.