College of Staten Island
 The City University of New York
Advanced Certificate in Cultural Competence
Reweida Othman
Education on cultural competence is crucial because nurses need to be aware of their patient’s religious and cultural background.  This will prevent nurses from unintentional disrespect.
I would feel more secure as a nurse if I was culturally competent so I can give the best care possible…
---Rewieda Othman, RN

Practice and Administrator Roles In
Health Care Settings

Graduates of the Advanced Certificate Program Utilize their Skills and Knowledge in Practice Settings to:

  • Provide culturally competent, expert care to culturally diverse patients in a variety of settings
  • Develop and manage culturally-specific action plans and programs for culturally diverse patients
  • Provide leadership and staff development aimed at enhancing cultural competence in a healthcare organization
  • Develop and implement research projects to test innovative projects for improving the quality of patient care and effectiveness through cultural competence
  • Coordinate care of groups of culturally diverse patients, ensuring cost-effective, quality care
  • Network collaboratively with multicultural health care experts in a variety of disciplines
  • Consult with staff in solving patient problems through cultural competence
  • Integrate cultural competence throughout the healthcare organization by designing, implementing, and evaluating ongoing cultural competence education and practice initiatives
  • Promote multicultural workplace harmony and avoid multicultural conflicts among culturally diverse staff members