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Workshop on Advanced Computational Methods in Engineering and Environmental Science 26-28 September 2011

This workshop will focus on the use of advanced computational and programming methodologies in the development of (1) land-use, hydrological, ocean, and/or air models that are used to address the effect of megacity development on the regional and the world-wide environment and (2) models to predict and assess the resistance of structures to blast damage.

In particular, a significant research thrust at the City University of New York (CUNY) and other universities in the New York area is focused on the development of combined land-use, hydrological, ocean, and air models to address the effect of megacity development on the regional and the world-wide environment. Development of improved materials and safer structures is another research area of importance.

In addition to presentations on the use of advanced models, topics covered will also include the use of global address space programming models such as Coarray Fortran, and Unified Parallel C, and the Message Passing Interface Library and partitioning libraries in large parallel applications in engineering and environmental science. Advanced meshing techniques for these applications will also be addressed. The audience will consist primarily of researchers who are developing and/or using computational models in these areas.

The workshop will be held on September 26 through 28, 2011 in New York. The first two days of the workshop will take place at the College of Staten Island-CUNY located on the Island of Staten Island. (At the Williamson Theater, in Building 1P) The third, half-day, of the workshop will be held at the City College of New York-CUNY (At the Recital Hall, in Shepard Hall).

This workshop is funded by the National Science Foundation and the Research Foundation of the City University of New York.

Free admittance for CUNY Faculty/Staff/Students with a valid ID. A registration fee of $95 ($50 for students) is required for all NON-CUNY attendees.. A continental breakfast on Monday through Wednesday, and lunch on Monday and Tuesday will be provided. A Wednesday-only registration (fee $25) is also available. Advanced Registration is required. click here to register or click the link below for the current agenda.

AGENDA - Sept 26-28, 2011


Day 1

  1. Ahearn: Solar NYC: A High Density LiDAR-based Solar Map and Application
  2. Balaji: Defensive Programming in the Million-core Era
  3. Chtchelkanova: NSF Initiatives in Cyberinfrastructure
  4. Johnson: Dynamic Mesh CFD Applications Using Unified Parallel C
  5. Pryor: Development of Applications Using Unified Parallel C
  6. Pullen and Blumberg: Center for Maritime Studies
  7. Walsh: Advanced Parallel Programming Models

Day 2

  1. Arend: Use of Advanced Computational Methods by the NOAA Cooperative Remote Sensing Science Technology Center (CREST)
  2. Carrier: Krylov Solvers and Graph-Partitioning for Inhomogeneous Quantum-Mechanical Systems
  3. Clune: Challenges at Petascale Computing for Pseudospectral Methods for Space Studies
  4. Kuester: Opportunities in Using Coarray Fortran
  5. Mendoza: A Global Lagrangian Descriptor Applied to the Kuroshio Current
  6. Numrich: Modern Fortran: Object and Coarrays
  7. Poje: Coarray Fortran for Several Large-Scale Geophysical Fluid-Dynamic Problems

Day 3