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Getting involved and staying connected to what is happening out-of-the classroom has never been easier here at CSI.  CSI’s new web-based event and involvement system CSI Campus Connection allows students to easily access information on events, campus services, student clubs, and much more. 
Here are just a few of the features:

Set-up your account:  Setting up your account is easy.  Log in with your SLAS Username and Password and enter your first and last name and CIX email address (  For more information on how to set up your profile and manage your security settings, check out the CCC User Guide.

Events: Students can no longer say there is nothing to do on campus, or that they didn’t see something advertised, because now they can find most event postings, including student meetings at CSI Campus Connection.  Students can browse the Flyer Board or use the weekly event calendar. RSVP to the events they want to attend, and maintain their own calendar of events under 'My Involvement'. If they like an event and want to share the information with their friends, they can link it to Facebook, Twitter, MySpace and more.

My Involvement: this personalized page is only accessible to the individual student.  On this page students can manage all of the student groups they are involved in, track events that the wish to attend, and create a Co-Curricular Transcript.  Student can manage their personal interests and the system will make recommendations to what student groups and events are offered at CSI that match those interests.  In addition, students can log their service hours.

Student Organizations:  All student groups and campus programs that offer opportunities for student involvement have websites at CSI Campus Connection. Students can join the groups they are interested in and get updated information on campus meetings, events, and general information about out-of-the-classroom involvement opportunities.  

In addition to these main functions, students can manage their Co-Curricular Transcript, log service hours and start new or register existing student groups at CSI Campus Connection.   For more information about CSI Campus Connection, please contact the Office of Student Life at 718-982-3088 or email

Students log on now, and start getting connected!  To log on, use your SLAS username and password (if you don’t remember your password or your SLAS account is not active contact the Student HELP Desk (718) 982-3695).