College of Staten Island
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The Office of Student Life
 Policies & Procedures

Campus Facilities Reservation Process for Student Groups

To reserve space on campus for your event, you must make reservations far enough in advance to asĀ­sure that space is available and that sufficient time exists to take care of necessary paperwork (processing of contracts with speakers or performers, ordering refreshments and other supplies, preparing publicity materials, ordering tickets, etc.). Paperwork that must be completed includes an event request form and one of the following:

  • Campus Center Facilities Reservation Form
  • Center for the Arts Reservation Form
  • Sports & Recreation Center Reservation Form
  • Classroom Reservation Form

The Office of Student Life coordinates all on-campus reservations student groups, regardless of location. If your student group is interested in reserving a facility, the first step to take is to complete an event request form or meeting notice.  If your group is not currently recognized by the Office of Student Life and you would like to request a meeting space for your first meeting, please visit the Office of Student Life Involvement Center in the Campus Center (1C), room 212B to file your meeting notice.