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Club leaders have an important role on campus and navigating the process for operating the club can be equally rewarding and challenging.  This site is your one-stop location for information you need to be successful as a club leader. 

If you have questions or need assistance, please contact Debi Kee, Associate Director of Student Life/Activities.

CSI Campus Connection: All clubs have the ability to set up web pages on CSI Campus Connection. Use the site to market events, maintain communication with your club members and post photos and documents related to your club. For more information about CSI Campus Connection, visit the Office of Student Life.

Club Leader Zone: The Club Leader Zone is the central location for club leaders to get information about club life.  Club Leaders can find out information about: Annual Recognition, Budget Workshops, Involvement Fair, Club Fair and Club Festival, Club Awards, Club Council Meetings, Volunteer opportunities, opportunities to earn Club of the Year Points and much more. All Club Officers, Advisors and members should sign up for the site, so they will be in the know about what is happening at CSI for clubs.

Meeting Notices: Student groups including clubs are required to follow Open Meetings Law, which means a meeting notice must be filed a minimum of 48 hours in advance of the meeting. Meeting notices are filed through CSI Campus Connection.  For more information on the process and how to access CSI Campus Connection, click here.

Student Event Request form:  If your club would like to sponsor an event, a student event request form must be submitted via CSI Campus Connection.¬†For more information on the process for submitting and event request, click here.

Student Organization Handbook: Click here to view the Student Organization Handbook in pdf format. Copies are available in the Office of Student Life, Campus Center (1C, room 201). 

Club Recognition Worksheets: Clubs must get recognized by the College annually. The new recognition process begins in mid-April. Click here to access the officer and member worksheets needed for collection of information for ease in entering club renewal information into CSI Campus Connection.

Budget Request Form: Budget requests and budget modifications need to be processed through Student Government. Forms are also available in the Club Leader Zone and in the Student Government Office. Rules and regulations governing budget requests can be found on the form. Remember budget modifications can only be submitted once per month and a print out of your budget must be attached. You can get a print out from the CSI Association, Inc, Campus Center (1C), room 202.

Club of the Year Point System: In 2007 the Student Government Club Commission created a fair system for determining annual awards including Club of the Year. Current point system information can also be found in the Club Leader Zone on CSI Campus Connection and in the Student Government Office. Additional information about points Clubs can earn throughout the year will be posted on the News feed in the Club Leader Zone and announced at Club Council Meetings.