College of Staten Island
 The City University of New York
The Office of Student Life
 Policies & Procedures

Event Approval Process for Student Groups

All student groups must submit the Student Event Request Form to sponsor an event at CSI.  Event requests are submitted via CSI Campus Connection.

  1. Log in to CSI Campus Connection. To log in you need a SLAS account (username and password students use to get onto campus computers).
  2. Go to your group page
  3. Click on the Events tab on the left hand side of your group page.
  4. Click on "Create Event" (if you do not see a "Create Event" tab, then you do not have permission from the primary contact of your group to create events, please contact them to gain access to this feature.)
  5. Complete the Event Form (please note: the information you complete on the first screen is what will be viewable by the public or campus for your event). 
  6. Submit the Event Form for approval.

Your request will be reviewed by the Office of Student Life. The person who submits the request can track the progress of the form through My Involvement, My Submissions on their personal page.  Just click on events and click on the event form for the event. 

Upon review, an organization representative may be asked to set up a meeting with the Associate Director of Student Life/Activities to review the event submission. In addition, the facility will be placed on hold and the request will be forwarded to the Director of Student Life for review and approval.

The Director of Student Life must approve all student event proposals. The Director of Student Life will approve, ask for additional information or not approve the event with explanation. The result of this approval will be discussed with the club at their meeting with the Associate Director of Student Life/Activities.

If an event is denied, the forms will be accessible through the submitter’s Involvement page. The submitter should provide any additional information need or make corrections and re-submit the event for approval.  To access the forms, a submitter should follow the following steps:

  1. Go to My Involvement
  2. Click on My Submissions
  3. Click on Events
  4. Find the form, open by clicking on the magnifying glass.
  5. Make corrections and hit submit.
Upon approval the event will be posted live to CSI Campus Connection.  Updates and additional event information can be added to the event form at anytime by clicking on the "change" button on the event page