College of Staten Island
 The City University of New York
The Office of Student Life
 Policies & Procedures

Meeting Notices for Student Groups

Student groups at CSI are required to follow Open Meetings Law for the coordination and scheduling of meetings. Meeting notices must be filed with the Office of Student Life a minimum of 48 hours in advance of a scheduled meeting. Student groups file meeting notices through their group page on CSI CONNECT, for more information on the process for filing a meeting notices through CSI Connect, please go to the Office of Student Life in the Campus Center (1C), room 201, email, or call 718.982.2816.

Reserving a meeting room

Student groups request a permanent meeting room as part of the Club Chartering and Recognition process. To change your room or confirm the room you have been assigned, please contact the Office of Student Life.  Space is available in most academic buildings during Club Hours. Club Hours are Tuesday and Thursday, 2:30pm - 4:25pm.

Temporary meeting space for chartering groups will be assigned for organizational meetings. Stop by the Office of Student Life Involvement Center (1C-212B) and ask the Office Assistant for a temporary meeting space.  A classroom will be reserved for your group for a particular club hour.  If you need to meet more than once before you are officially able to charter and be recognized you will need to reserve a temporary space again.  Chartering groups will be limited to two meetings prior to submitting chartering paperwork, unless special permission is granted by the Associate Director of Student Life/Activities.

Student groups are responsible for re-setting the furniture and throwing away any trash following the conclusion of their meeting.