College of Staten Island
 The City University of New York
The Office of Student Life
 Policies & Procedures

Meeting Notices for Student Groups

Student groups at CSI are required to follow Open Meetings Law for the coordination and scheduling of meetings.  Meeting notices must be filed a minimum of 48 hours in advance of a scheduled meeting.  To file a meeting notice a student group must complete the following steps:

  1. Log in to CSI Campus Connection. To log in you need a SLAS account (username and password students use to get onto campus computers).
  2. Go to your group page
  3. Click on the Events tab on the left hand side of your group page.
  4. Click on "Create Event" (if you do not see a "Create Event" tab, then you do not have permission from the primary contact of your group to create events, please contact them to gain access to this feature.)
  5. Complete the Event Form (please note: the information you complete on the first screen is what will be viewable by the public for your meeting, therefore you should include the name of your group in the title and share what will be discussed at the meeting in the description area).
  6. Submit the Event Form for approval.
  7. Your request will be reviewed by the Office of Student Life and approved upon confirmation of compliance with Open Meetings Law and availability of space.

Reserving a meeting room

Student groups request a permanent meeting room as part of the Club Chartering and Recognition process. To change your room or confirm the room you have been assigned, please contact the Office of Student Life.  Space is available in most academic buildings.

Student groups are responsible for re-setting the furniture and throwing away any trash following the conclusion of their meeting.