College of Staten Island
 The City University of New York
The Office of Student Life
 Policies & Procedures

Posting Policy for Student Groups

All publicity must be in support of approved student activities programs and must bear the name of the sponsoring organization. Date, time, and location of event as well as admission charges, if any, should be included. (Note: the Office of Student Life must approve admission charges - refer to the Fund-Raising and Ticket Sale Policies and Procedures section in this manual for further information.) 

All event flyers must be brought to the Office of Student Life (Campus Center , room 201) for review and posting in the Campus Center. The Office of Student Life will stamp event flyers with a "Remove By (date)".

All student group publicity must include the following statement “An event of [name of organization(s)], a student organization at the College of Staten Island.  The College of Staten Island and The City University of New York are not responsible for the content for viewpoints expressed.”

Student groups with the exception of Student Government and WSIA are not permitted to use College branding on their marketing materials. 

In the Campus Center, posting of flyers is permitted on the blue kiosks around the Rotunda and on the bulletin boards on the second floor. No posting is allowed on the walls, doors, windows, glass, trees or any surface other than bulletin boards. Any materials that are not posted on approved surfaces will be removed.

On the day of the event only, the Office of Student Life will post event flyers on the doors and windows of the Campus Center.

Materials posted in foreign languages must also be translated into English.

Where appropriate, the funding body should be credited for their support of the program.

Remember to respect others. Don't post over or tear down materials belonging to other groups.

The Student Government Office will duplicate up to 35 copies of notices, flyers, or announcements for each separate event for student clubs and organizations.