College of Staten Island
 The City University of New York
Student Publications

Publications are funded by student activity fees allocated through the Publications Board. Each year students come together to produce publications at CSI. Some of the publications chartered in recent years include:

The Banner

The Banner regularly publishes a newspaper that reports on issues important to the CSI and the CUNY community, and the latest updates on breaking stories that directly affect student life. Other areas of student interest covered include CSI sports, arts, and personalities.


Caesura is a literary magazine founded by a community of writers and artists who hold the principle that art is a craft and, as is, is more than self-expression. Caesura publishes once or twice a year.


Serpentine is a literary magazine devoted to the celebration of knowledge. The goal of Serpentine is to stimulate awareness and diversity through submissions from the student body. Serpentine also contains the publication Artifacts, which presents visual art and photography.

Third Rail

Third Rail is a political literary arts magazine at CSI. Poetry, fiction, or non-fiction are the mainstays of the Third Rail, although photography, drawing, and in-depth journalism also have a regular place in its glossy pages.

Operation Three-Legged Dolphin

Operation Three-Legged Dolphin is a humor magazine to infuse comedic writing and artwork with social commentary.  O3LD publishes once each semester.


Start a New Student Publication

Any group of students with a common interest may also apply to charter a new student publication with the CSI Student Government and the Office of Student Life.

The rules by which student publications may charter are set out in the CUNY Bylaws, Article 15, section 2, which is included in The Gazetteer. Students interested in forming a student publication (10 students are required) should pick up a chartering packet from the Student Government Office.


Click Here for a PUBLICATION CHARTERING PACKET for chartering a student publication.

Click Here for a MEETING NOTICE for your publication to submit to announce their meetings.

Click Here for a STUDENT EVENT REQUEST FORM if your publication is holding an event on campus.

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