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English Department

Chair's Welcome

Welcome to the English Department at the College of Staten Island/CUNY. Are you considering becoming an English major? So did James Cameron, Susan Sarandon, Bob Woodward, Paul Newman, Sting, Stephen King, and Mario Cuomo. Like them, you could translate a major in English into a career in journalism, law, publishing, teaching, the entertainment industry, politics, or writing.

As this broad list suggests, a degree in English will help you think critically and creatively, and teach you how to communicate those thoughts with clarity and grace. Indeed, the English Department endeavors to transform our students into active citizens of the world. As our department mission statement says, our courses are designed to guide the interests of a diverse student body and assist their participation in civic life by exploring a significant range of literary voices, critical traditions, historical periods, and scholarly innovations. Our core goal is to cultivate students’ ability to study and engage with the complex cultures in which they live.

English is one of the largest and most diverse departments at the college. Faculty in the department study and teach literature written in English in Britain, North America, as well as other parts of the Anglophone world such as the Caribbean, South Asia, and Africa. Members of English also engage in non-fiction writing, linguistics, and creative writing across all genres. We administer the Writing Program and the Writing Center, and our faculty members contribute to interdisciplinary programs such as American Studies and Women’s Studies. We teach courses on a huge variety of topics, from Coming of Age Narratives, to fiction writing, journalism, linguistics, and, of course, Shakespeare.

Please check out the profile pages of the many talented English faculty who teach at CSI/CUNY and browse the catalogue of current classes. Feel free to write to me directly if you have any questions about the program. Thanks for visiting our website. 

Ashley Dawson
English Chairperson and Associate Professor