College of Staten Island
 The City University of New York
CSI Students

Division of Enrollment Management

Mary Beth Reilly
Vice President for Enrollment Management
North Administration Building 2A, Room 401
Phone: (718) 982.2426

Shannon Cammarano
Enrollment Director
North Administration Building 2A, Room 401
Phone: (718) 982-2626

 Reporting Units

Academic Support & College Now
Linda Sharib, Director
Oversees the College Now Program, the administration of the Summer/Winter Immersion Programs, the CUNY Assessment Tests (CAT) Pre-Test Preparation Initiative, the Supplemental Instruction Initiative, and the Colleges only multi-disciplinary tutoring center. 

  • College Now
    Introduces Staten Island public high school students of varying skill level to the rigors and rewards of higher education by connecting them to high-quality scholarship and instruction. Students are offered the opportunity to take credit-bearing college courses in a variety of disciplines both at CSI and at their high schools.
  • Immersion Program
    Provides students an opportunity to receive tuition-free instruction in reading, writing and mathematics during the summer and/or winter intersession for students who need to demonstrate proficiency on the CUNY Assessment. Students will retake the appropriate proficiency test(s) in the discipline(s) in which they receive instruction during the program.
  • Tutoring - Center for Academic Student Assistance (CASA)
    Offers drop-in tutoring in a variety of subjects. With two convenient tutoring locations in 1L-117 and 1A-108, the Center strives to accommodate even the busiest of student schedules with day, weekend, and evening hours of operation.
  • CUNY Assessment Pre-Test Preparation
    Offers a variety of workshops and self-study materials for newly admitted CSI students who need to take the CUNY Assessment Tests: CUNY Reading, CUNY Writing and CUNY Math. In addition to the workshops, online reference materials are available for students who choose to prepare for the assessment tests on their own.
  • Supplemental Instruction
    Assists students by placing SI leaders in the classroom who are trained to integrate course content with learning strategies and guide them through the more difficult material. The goal is to provide students with the tools and knowledge that are necessary at all levels of college coursework. Students enrolled in sections with SI leaders receive a solid foundation for academic success.

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Center for Advising and Academic Success (CAAS)
Paulette Brower-Garrett, Director

Manages academic advisement services for incoming freshman and transfer students until their 44th earned college-level credit, advises all undecided and those students seeking liberal arts degrees in associate degree programs, helps students choose or change their majors, assists students in understanding general education requirements, its learning and how it supports learning in discipline specific courses, and reviews academic compliance for degree progression and financial aid programs.
  • Academic Advising
    Assists students with learning how to both effectively identify, understand and utilize the College's academic curricula and co-curriculum resources, and to successfully monitor their academic success.
  • Evening/Weekend Services
    Serves the College as its primary evening administrative office for CSI. Provides a point of contact, information and service for evening and weekend students and faculty.
  • First-Year Students: Freshman
    Assists entering students during their orientation to the College, in their understanding of general education, and of academic policies and regulations. Supports students as they make informed decisions to declare their majors and transit into their chosen disciplines.
  • Transfer Services
    Serves as the initial academic advising resource for entering transfer students in collaboration with the Recruitment & Admission and Registrar Offices. Acquaints students to the College's academic protocols, tools and resources. In collaboration with our academic departments, reviews transfer credit evaluations and corresponding general education and pre-major course requirements. Introduces students to the various College experiential learning opportunities available on campus.
  • Adults Returning to the Classroom (ARC)
    Serves as a resource for those adult returning and nontraditional students who are 24 years of age or older. Offers personalized services from pre-admissions counseling through registration, and provides guidance and support to adult students as they make choices about their careers and education.
  • Compass Career Program
    Provides students with various career and major planning events throughout the academic year to support them in their decision making process as they deliberate between viable majors and careers. In collaboration with the Career and Scholarship Center, hosts varying interest and skills testing sessions, career and major fairs, Pathfinder (major overview) events, and alumni and/or employer led career discussions.

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College Testing
Alan Hoffner, Director
Administers the CUNY Assessment Tests, the National League for Nursing pre-admissions test, placement tests in mathematics and biology, and CLEP (College-Level Examination Program) exams.
  • New Student Testing
    Administers the CUNY Assessment Tests in reading, writing, and mathematics through which students demonstrate their proficiency in the basic skills of reading, writing, and mathematics.
  • Additional Assessment & Placement Testing
    Offers placement exams in mathematics and biology. Students who wish to schedule either exam for advanced placement or pre-requisite satisfaction should contact
    the Office at 718–982–2280.
  • CLEP (College-Level Examination Program)
    Provides CLEP exams two times each month: the second Saturday (beginning at 9 a.m. and 11 a.m.) and the last Wednesday (beginning at 5:30 p.m. and 7:30 p.m.). Information about fees and applications are available from the CSI College Testing
    Office 718-982-2380 and at

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Curriculum Office
Veronica DiMeglio, Curriculum Coordinator 
Responsible for the overall coordination, work flow and documenting of all curricular matters, this area participates on all curricular committees including: undergraduate, graduate, general education, executive and faculty senate. This area ensures that all items are approved at the campus level and forwarded to the University Board of Trustees and the State Education Department. All approvals are recorded prior to publishing the college SMART catalog. This area also oversees all DegreeWorks master scribing, system maintenance, reporting, student inquires and FACTS reporting. This area also oversees CSI’s “Bring your Child To Work Day” a national initiative to expose children to the work of their parents and the companies they represent.

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Enrollment Services
Mario D’Alessandro, Director
Enrollment Services provides information about various college services, such as Registrar, Student Financial Aid, Academic Advisement, Testing, College Health Center, Web services and more.  Enrollment Services is a place to receive information and assistance in one central location.  When in-depth counseling is required, the staff will ensure that an appropriate referral is made. 

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Financial Aid
Philippe Marius, Director

Assists students and families in applying for grants, loans and scholarships needed to finance a first-class education from public and private sources as expeditiously as possible within all applicable rules and regulations.

  • Regulatory Compliance
    Ensures that the College remains in compliance with a vast array of regulations issued by the United States Department of Education regarding federal Title IV aid programs and by New York State’s Higher Education Services Corporation (HESC) regarding the State programs. Operations are subject to an annual audit by the federal government and to periodic audits by HESC.
  • Federal Aid Programs
    Processes a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) for over 15,000 applicants, with over 7,000 records requiring at least one manual intervention. Federal Title IV student assistance comprises grants, principally the Pell Grant, loans and work-study. Verifies FAFSA data (taxable and non-taxable income,  assets etc) as well as students’ satisfactory academic progress (SAP) by federal guidelines.
  • New York State Aid Programs
    Facilitates applications for the Tuition Assistance Program (TAP) and Aid for Part-Time Studies (APTS); ensures compliance of aid recipients’ academic progress with 5 distinct sets of measurements different from the federal SAP guidelines.

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Recruitment and Admissions
Emmanuel Esperance, Jr., Director

Coordinates the recruitment and admission of prospective freshmen, transfer and graduate students through on- and off-campus activities, and on-line services.  Visit our site for information on our events, web tools, admission requirements and instructions on applying.
  • Undergraduate Application Processing
    Handles the processing of all freshmen and transfer admission applications and initiates the enrollment management process for incoming undergraduates.
  • Undergraduate Recruitment and Marketing
    Handles all the on- and off- campus undergraduate recruitment activities as well as the development of recruitment materials.
  • Graduate Recruitment and Admissions
    Oversees the recruitment and general marketing for graduate programs and manages the graduate application process.  This unit works closely with the academic departments on the admission and enrollment of incoming graduate students.
  • International Admissions
    Oversees all international recruitment and marketing initiatives for undergraduate and graduate international students, and assist international students with the admission process.  This unit works closely with the Center for International Service on the orientation and enrollment process.

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Neila Green, Registrar

Assists students in navigating the necessities of school. The Office performs a variety of services both online and in person for students including: registration, transcript ordering, grade reporting, enrollment certification, final examination scheduling, schedule of classes, college catalog, academic calendars, VA benefits administration, transfer credit evaluation, and graduation evaluation.
  • Registration
    Overseeing the registration process for over 14,000 students each semester, this area assigns registration appointments and facilitates the online enrollment of continuing, readmitted and visiting students. This area also develops the Divisional registration plan, reports on enrollment activities, provides training to departments on assigning online permissions , trouble shoots requisite enrollment issues, medical withdrawals, pre- requisite sweeps, deregistration’s and handles student concerns.
  • Graduation
    Responsible for managing the final steps towards awarding students their degrees, this area oversees graduation applications, degree audits, degree postings, graduation reporting and diploma ordering/distribution. This area serves on the commencement committee and provides critical information for booklets and speeches to both the publication area and administration.
  • Records
    Maintaining the integrity and security of our student records (over 250,000), this area oversees the management and archiving of all academic records. With an ongoing mission to provide for paperless storage and online transactions this area manages the scanning of all records and develops web tools for student record updates. This area provides students with many online and in-person services including: certifications of enrollment/degree, change of address, name, residency or personal information, change of major/minor, and transcript ordering. This area also manages all final grade processing, all grade changes/appeals and all record merging and clean-up post conversion to CUNYfirst.
  • Scheduling
    Coordinates all activities related to the academic schedule of classes, space assignment, final exam scheduling and course requisite programming. This area oversees the Enrollment Division scheduling committee including all statistical reporting, course enrollment tracking and follow-up. In addition, this area is responsible for the system updating (CUNYfirst and Resource 25) of all course changes, course capacities, learning communities and space assignment. This area is also responsible for; reporting/presenting on space utilization and course efficiencies, the distribution of the schedule, course seat availability and enrollment class limits. This area manages in detail over 2,000+ sections for the college each semester in approximately 90 lecture spaces.
  • Veterans Services
    Dedicated to providing one on one support to our servicemen and women in their transition from the military to college. The V.E.T.S. (Veterans Educational Services) area provides academic support from admissions to graduation as well as certification of benefits. The area is staffed by Registrar personnel with an expertise in VA benefits including the GI Bill. In addition, this area hires veteran students to support the employment of our veterans and to utilize their knowledge when assisting their peers. The V.E.T.S area of the Registrar also works in collaboration with the Division of Student Affairs in a variety of exhibitions, clubs and support services.
  • Service Center and ePermit
    Responsible for managing all in-person requests, inquiries and transactions for the Registrar (over 30,000 visits annually) along with overseeing the staffing and training needs for our phone center, NSO registration sessions, information panels and late night hours. Staffed with personnel trained in multiple areas of expertise, they are able to triage and assist students in everything from enrollment to the certification of their graduation. While the Registrar maintains a large on-line support venue for most requests this team is available to help students when they need “hands on” personal support to manage their administrative requests. In addition, the staff in this area processes all readmitted, non-degree/ visiting student applications, and all ePermit (CUNY to CUNY registrations).
  • Transfer Credit Evaluation
    Students with credits from other institutions who recognize CSI for advanced study and research, affordability and the ease of the transfer process are managed by this area of the Registrar in collaboration with the Admissions and CAAS offices to meet the special concerns of these students. Upon acceptance, transfer credits are evaluated by this unit and personal communications are sent out to give the students the opportunity to meet with a member of the transfer evaluation team to discuss their academic record. In addition, this area oversees the articulation agreements between our faculty and outside institutions for all CSI courses. This area is also responsible for the updating and maintenance of two systems TIPPS (CUNY to CUNY credits) and TES (Non CUNY to CUNY), which processes the articulations of over 1,000 courses annually.

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