College of Staten Island
 The City University of New York
  Kathleen M. Cumiskey
Associate Professor

Kathleen M. Cumiskey
Associate Professor

Office : Building 4S Room 201
Phone : 718.982.4072
Fax : 718.982.4114

Degrees :
Ph.D., CUNY Graduate Center
M.A., Hunter College
B.A., Douglass College, Rutgers University

Biography / Academic Interests :
Kathleen M. Cumiskey is an Associate Professor in the Psychology Department and Women, Gender and Sexuality Studies Program at CSI.  She is director of the Social Media Lab, and she is currently engaged in research that looks at how the use of mobile phones leads to risk-taking as well as the ways in which mobile phones impact women’s perceptions of public safety.  She has presented at conferences in London, Budapest, Dresden and Sydney and has organized conferences that have attracted scholars on mobile technology from all over the world.

Dr. Cumiskey is an advocate for girls’ in confinement in New York State.  She serves on the community advisory board of a residential facility that is run by the Office of Children and Family Services.  She has worked in collaboration with other organizations to stop the expansion of youth detention facilities in New York City and to change state-run facility operations manuals to ensure the safety of youth who identity as lesbian, gay, bisexual, or transgender or who are gender non-conforming.  

Dr. Cumiskey is committed to involving students in “community action projects” and has developed service learning courses at CSI.  She serves as the faculty advisor to CSI’s “Gay-Straight Alliance”. She also serves on the board of the Staten Island LGBT Community Center.

Scholarship / Publications :
Cumiskey, KM (2011) Mobile symbiosis: A precursor to public risk-taking behavior? In R. Ling & S. Campbell (Eds.) The Mobile Communication Research Series: Volume II, Mobile Communication: Brining Us Together or Tearing Us Apart?  New Brunswick, NJP Transaction Publications. 17-36

Cumiskey, KM (2010) ‘Simply leaving my house would be even scarier’: How mobile phones affect women’s perception of safety and experiences of public places. Media Asia, 37(4), 205-214.

Cumiskey, KM (2009) Sentidos ocultos: Comprendiendo el impacto psico-social del uso del teléphono móvil a través de la narración de historias (Hidden Mesanins: Understanding the social-psychological impact of public mobile phone use through storytelling). In J.M. Aguado & I.J. Martínez (Eds.) Sociedad Movil: Technologia, Identidad y Cultura (Mobile Society: Technology, Identity, and Culture). Madrid: Biblioteca Nieva.

Cumiskey, KM (2007) Mobile fantasies on film: Gathering metaphoric evidence of mobile symbiosis and the mobile imaginary.  Psychology Jounal, 5(1), 83-99. Retrieved November 10, 2011: