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  Peter Kabachnik
Associate Professor
Political Science and Global Affairs

Peter Kabachnik
Associate Professor

Office : Building 2N Room 230
Phone : 718.982.2916
Fax : 718.982.2888

Degrees :
Ph.D., University of California-Los Angeles (UCLA)
M.A., Rutgers University
B.A., Rutgers University

Biography / Academic Interests :
Professor Kabachnik is a political and cultural geographer, whose interests lie in the way that people interact with places, and the interplay between place and identity more generally.  He focuses on geographies of displacement, or the various ways that people are affected by, and deal with, the harsh circumstances surrounding the need to leave one’s home.  He is currently working as a member of a National Science Foundation (NSF) interdisciplinary project (led by Drs. Joanna Regulska and Beth Mitchneck) examining internally displaced persons (IDPs) in the Republic of Georgia.  Some of the themes that Dr. Kabachnik looks at are: how IDPs conceptualize home, by examining how they think about their former homes in Abkhazia and the way they live in their current living spaces; the geopolitical factors that shape the discourses that fuel the conflict; and how changing gender roles create a perceived challenge to dominant masculinities.  His dissertation research, “The Place of the Nomad: Situating Gypsy and Traveler Mobility in Contemporary England,” also explores displacement by examining how the mobility of Gypsies and Travelers is constructed, constrained, and stigmatized.  Due to a shortage of legal caravan sites, Gypsies and Travelers are being evicted from places where they try to fulfill their basic human right to home.  

Scholarship / Publications :
Kabachnik, Peter and Ryder, Andrew. Forthcoming. “Nomadism and the 2003 Anti-Social Behaviour Act: Constraining Gypsy and Traveller Mobilities in Britain.” Romani Studies.

Kabachnik, Peter, Grabowska, Magda, Regulska, Joanna, Mitchneck, Beth, and Mayorova, Olga V. Forthcoming. “Traumatic Masculinities: The Gendered Geographies of Georgian IDPs from Abkhazia.” Gender, Place, and Culture.

Kabachnik, Peter. Forthcoming. “Prison, Nuisance, or Spectacle?: The 2009 “Cell” Protests in Tbilisi, Georgia.” Geopolitics.

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