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  Krishnaswami Raja
Associate Professor

Krishnaswami Raja
Associate Professor

Office : Building 6S Room 332A
Phone : 718.982.4091
Fax : 718.982.3910
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Degrees :
Integrated Ph.D., Indian Institute of Science

Biography / Academic Interests :
Before joining CSI in 1995, Dr. Raja was a Skaggs Postdoctoral Fellow with Dr. M.G Finn at The Scripps Research Institute, Principal Scientist Biopharmaceutical Development Division of Dynavax Technologies. Professor Raja’s interests include the development of protein based drugs, bioconjugates, biomaterials and green drug development.

Scholarship / Publications :
1)  “Methods in Molecular Biology Bioconjugation Protocols : Strategies and Methods Synthesis of Drug/Dye-Incorporated Polymer–Protein Hybrids” Dolai S, Shi Wei and Raja, K.S.* Vol 751, 29-42, 2011.

2)   The Concept of a Green Drug, Curcumin and it’s derivatives as a model system.” Raja K.S.*, Balambika R, Dolai S and Shi W, Mini Reviews in Organic Chemistry, 2009, Volume 6, No.2.  152-158.

3)  “A General Methodology Towards Drug/Dye Incorporated Living Copolymer-Protein Hybrids: (NIRF Dye-Glucose) Copolymer-Avidin/BSA Conjugates as Prototypes.” Shi W, Dolai S, Averick S#, Fernando,S.S#; Saltos, J#, L`Amoreaux W, Banerjee P and Raja K.S* Bioconjugate Chemistry,  2009, 20 (8), pp 1595–1601

4)  “Synthesis of monofunctional curcumin derivatives, clicked curcumin dimer and a PAMAM dendrimer curcumin conjugate for therapeutic applications;”Shi W, Dolai S, Tariq H#, Averick S#, L`Amoreaux W, El Idrissi A, Banerjee P and Raja K.S*; Organic Letters, 2007, 9, 5461-5464.

5)  Curcumin Derivatives “Raja,K.S*, Alonso, A, Banerjee . P,  Dolai.S ,  Averick. S,  Corbo. C,  Shi. W, Debnath. S, Mogha. S ,PCT US11/26308 2011

6)  “Novel Curcumin and Tetrahydrocurcumin derivatives” Raja, K.S.*, Banerjee, P., Lamoreaux, W., Shi, W., Auerbach, A., PCT/US 2007/021805.