College of Staten Island
 The City University of New York
  Jose L. Torres
Engineering Science and Physics

Jose L. Torres

Office : Building 4N Room 207A
Phone : 718.982.2977
Fax : 718.982.2969

Degrees :
PhD, Dartmouth College
MSc, University of Aston, U.K.
BChE, National University of Mexico

Biography / Academic Interests :
The development of a novel experimental technique to measure mass diffusivities, designed to accommodate concentration- and direction-dependent material properties. Computer simulation of Tonewood seasoning. Measurement of the relationship between the Orthotropic Ratio in Tonewood and the perception of acoustic quality, using analisis-of-variance.

Scholarship / Publications :
Torres, J.L., " Determination of Mass Diffusion Coefficients in Norway Spruce using an Anisotropic, Concentration-Dependent Model". Journal of Computational Methods in Science and Engineering, 9(2009) ISSN: 1472-7978

Torres, J.L., "FEM Computer Simulation of the Tonewood Drying Process", Fourteenth International Conference on Computational Methods and Experimental Measurements, 10 - 12 June 2009, Carvoeiro, Portugal

Torres, J.L., " A Classroom-Distance Learning Hybrid Numerical Methods Course". Proceedings of ICECE 2009 International Conference on Engineering and Computer Education March 8-11, 2009, Buenos Aires, Argentina. ISBN 978-85-89120-63-0

Torres, J.L., "An Inverse Formulation to Calculate Model Coefficients Using the Numerical Optimization of a Nested 2D Finite Element Program". Proceedings of the European Computing Conference 2008, Saint Paul's Bay, Malta, September 11-13, 2008

Torres, J.L., "Modeling Unsteady-state Diffusion with Concentration-dependent Diffusivity through an Anisotropic Medium". Proceedings of the 4th International Congress on Numerical Methods in Engineering and the Applied Sciences, Morelia, Mexico, January 18 - 21, 2007. ISBN 978-84-96736-08-5