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  William L'Amoreaux

William L'Amoreaux

Office : Building 6S Room 111
Phone : 718.982.3864
Fax : 718.982.3852
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Degrees :
PhD, University of Memphis
MS, Memphis State University
BS, Arkansas State University
Post-doc University of Tennessee Health Sciences Center

Biography / Academic Interests :
In addition to directing the Advanced Imaging Facility, Dr. L’Amoreaux’s research interests lie broadly in the area of morphological tissue changes resulting from hyperglycemia.  He is particularly interested in changes in retinal structure and function related to diabetes.   Dr. L’Amoreaux’s laboratory is pursing research on 1) advanced glycation endproduct (AGE) formation in the retina, 2) expression of receptors for AGE (RAGE) in the retina, 3) neovascularization of the retina and choriocapillaris, 4) processing of outer segments by retinal pigment epithelium, and 5) understanding the role(s) of taurine in neurotransmitter-regulated glucose and insulin homeostasis.

Scholarship / Publications :
El Idrissi A, Shen C-H, L’Amoreaux WJ (2013) Neuroprotective role of taurine during aging. Amino Acids 45 (4):735-750. (Invited review). Erratum in Amino Acids 46 (1): 123.

Cuttitta CM, Guariglia SR, El Idrissi A, L’Amoreaux WJ (2013) Taurine’s effects on the neuroendocrine functions of pancreatic ?-cells. Advances in Experimental Medicine and Biology 775:299-310.

Santora A, Neuwirth LS, L’Amoreaux WJ, El Idrissi (2013) The effects of chronic taurine supplementation on motor learning. Advances in Experimental Medicine and Biology 775:177-185.

El Idrissi A, Yan X, L'Amoreaux W, Brown WT, Dobkin C (2012) Neuroendocrine alterations in the fragile X mouse. Results and problems in cell differentiation 54:201-21.

Seebaugh DR, Wallace WG, L’Amoreaux WJ, Stewart GM (2012) Assimilation of elements and digestion in grass shrimp pre-exposed to dietary mercury. Archives of Environmental Contamination and Toxicology (in press).

Seebaugh DR, Wallace WG, L'Amoreaux WJ, Stewart GM (2012) Carbon assimilation and digestive toxicity in naive grass shrimp (Palaemonetes pugio) exposed to dietary cadmium. Bulletin of Environmental Contamination and Toxicology 88:449-55.

Seebaugh DR, L’Amoreaux WJ, Wallace WG (2011) Digestive toxicity in grass shrimp collected along an impact gradient. Aquatic Toxicology 105:609 - 617.