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 The City University of New York
  Sharon Loverde
Assistant Professor

Sharon Loverde
Assistant Professor

Office : Building 6S Room 238
Phone : 718.982.4075
Fax : 718.982.3910

Degrees :
PhD Materials Science and Engineering, Northwestern University
BS Physics University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign

Biography / Academic Interests :
The Loverde laboratory utilizes all-atomistic (AA) and coarse-grained molecular dynamics (CG-MD) simulations, in combination with advanced sampling techniques, to investigate soft and biological materials for biomedicine.  We are interested in molecular self-assembly, interactions of polymeric and model cellular membranes with hydrophobic drugs, and development of multi-scale models for biopolymers.  We have a strong interest in the development of collaborations with both experimental and theoretical/computational groups.

Scholarship / Publications :
“Probing the Structure of PEGylated-lipid Assemblies by Coarse-grained Molecular Dynamics,” Wataru Shinoda, Dennis E. Discher, Michael L. Klein, Sharon M. Loverde, Soft Matter, 9, 11549-11556 (2013).

“Nanoparticle Shape Improves Delivery: Rational Coarse Grain Molecular Dynamics (rCG-MD) of Taxol in Worm-Like PEG-PCL Micelles,” S. M. Loverde, M. L. Klein, D. E. Discher, Advanced Materials, 24, 3823–3830 (2012).

“Curvature, Rigidity, and Pattern Formation in Functional Polymer Micelles and Vesicles – from Dynamic Visualization to Molecular Simulation,” S. M. Loverde, D. A. Pantano, D. A. Christian, A. Mahmud, M. L. Klein, D. E. Discher, Current Opinion in Solid State and Materials Science, 15, 277-284 ( 2011).  Special Issue in Functional Gels and Membranes.

“Curvature driven molecular demixing in the budding and breakup of mixed component worm-like micelles”, S. M. Loverde, V. Ortiz, R. D. Kamien, M. L. Klein, and D. E. Discher, Soft Matter, 6, 1419-1425 (2010). Cover Article.

“Charged Particles on Surfaces: Coexistence of Dilute Phases and Periodic Structures at Interfaces”, S. M. Loverde, F. J. Solis, and M. O. de la Cruz, Physical Review Letters, 98, 237802 (2007).