College of Staten Island
 The City University of New York
  Deborah E. Popper
Political Science and Global Affairs

Deborah E. Popper

Office : Building 2N Room 238
Phone : 718.982.2907
Fax : 718.982.2888

Degrees :
PhD, Rutgers University
MA, Rutgers University
MLS, Rosary College
AB, Bryn Mawr College

Biography / Academic Interests :
Deborah Popper’s work has focused on how regions adjust to environmental pressures and population loss.  With her husband, Frank Popper of Rutgers University, she developed the concept of the Buffalo Commons, a metaphor that has served as a guide for a future based on ecological restoration.  She is currently working on developing comparable alternatives for other American regions.   She serves on the governing boards of the American Geographical Society the Center for Frontier Communities.

Scholarship / Publications :
Selected publications include:

“The Midwest: Corn Belt and Industrial Belt United,” Journal of Cultural Geography. 2013, 30(1): 32-54.

“Regional Planning on the American Frontier,” American Regional Planning: Practice and Prospect, Ethan Seltzer and Armando Carbonell, eds.,  Cambridge: Lincoln Institute of Land Policy, 2011, 114-139, with Frank Popper.

“New England and the Subtracted City,” Communities and Banking, Spring 2011, 3-5, with Frank Popper.

“Smart Decline in Post-Carbon Cities: Buffalo Commons Meets Buffalo, New York,” in The Post Carbon Reader: From crisis to resilience in a climate-changing, post-oil world, Berkeley: University of California Press, 2010, with Frank Popper.

“Looking Forward: Adding the Buffalo Commons to the Grasslands Mix.” Farming with Grass: Achieving Sustainable Mixed Agricultural Landscapes in Grassland Environments, Alan J.Franzluebbers (ed.), Ankeny, IA:  Soil and Water Conservation Society e-book, 2009, with Frank Popper,

“Traceability: Tracking and Privacy in the Food System.” Geographical Review, 2007. 97(3): 365-388.

“The Buffalo Commons: Its Antecedents and Their Implications,” Online Journal of Rural Research and Policy, 2006(6), with Frank Popper.

“An Urbanist View of The Organization Man, in The Humane Metropolis, Rutherford Platt (ed.), 2006, Amherst: University of Massachusetts Press, 206-219, with Frank Popper

“The Onset of the Buffalo Commons,” Journal of the West, 2006. 45(2): 29-34, with Frank Popper.