College of Staten Island
 The City University of New York
  Comfort Asanbe
Associate Professor

Comfort Asanbe
Associate Professor

Office : Building 4S Room 204
Phone : 718.982.3780
Fax : 718.982.4114

Degrees :
PhD, Tennessee State University
MA, Austin Peay State University
Med, Austin Peay State University
BA, University of Ilorin (Nigeria)

Biography / Academic Interests :
Comfort B. Asanbe is an assistant professor of Psychology whose major interest is in the psychological health of children at risk due to parental drug abuse.  At The College of Staten Island, Professor Asanbe teaches psychopathology and child psychopathology courses at the graduate and undergraduate levels respectively, placing emphasis on the interplay between biological and environmental factors on human development and abnormal behavior.  She runs the psychological assessment lab at the College of Staten Island, where she conducts studies on children and college students. She also participates in the standardization of psychological tests including the re-norming of the latest edition of the Wechsler Intelligence Scale for Children (WISC-IV). Comfort Asanbe is a licensed psychologist.

Scholarship / Publications :
Asanbe, C. B; Hall, C.; Bolden, C. (in press).  Mental health disorders in children of non-drug-abusing parents: A sample from a rural community devastated by methamphetamine. Journal of Child Health Care (21 pages)

Asanbe C, et al. (2010).  Anxiety, appraisal, and coping: A cross-cultural comparison of
American and Nigerian undergraduates. International Psychology Bulletin, 14, 17-22

Asanbe C, Zamani G & Aiyedogbon S (2009). Cross-cultural differences in perception
of stress: A study of American and Nigerian undergraduates. Journal of Social and Behavioral Sciences, 42, 42-58  

Asanbe C (2009). Methamphetamine-producing homes and psychological child welfare
welfare: Implications for public policy and early childhood education. In J. McConnell-Farmer (Ed.), The Education of Young Children: Research, Trends, Issues, & Policy (107-119), Linton Atlantic Books, Louisville

Asanbe C, Zamani G & Aiyedogbon S (2008). Self-concept and stress: A
cross-cultural investigation of American and Nigerian undergraduates. African Journal of Applied Psychology, 2, 1-10

Asanbe C, Hall C & Bolden C (2008). Methamphetamine-producing Homes:
Psychological implications for preschoolers in rural Tennessee. Journal of Rural Health, 24, 229-235

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school-aged children from methamphetamine-producing homes: A rural Tennessee sample. Journal of Public Child Welfare, 2, 275-292