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  Benjamin Kest

Benjamin Kest

Office : Building 4S Room 205
Phone : 718.982.4070
Fax : 718.982.4114

Degrees :
Ph.D., CUNY Graduate Center
M.A., Queens College
B.A., New York University

Biography / Academic Interests :
Professor Benjamin Kest is a psychobiologist who received his Ph.D. from City University of New York in 1991, and post-doctoral training at the UCLA Neuropsychiatric Institute and Cornell University Medical College.  He has conducted research and published extensively in the fields of pain and opiate pharmacology, paying particular attention to the contribution made by sex and genetics.

Scholarship / Publications :
2010. Bondar RJ, Kest B. Sex differences in opioid analgesia, hyperalgesia, tolerance and withdrawal: central mechanisms of action and roles of gonadal hormones. Hormones and Behavior. 58: 72-81.

2010. Juni A, Cai M, Stankova M, Waxman AR, Arount C, Klein G, Dahan A, Hruby V, Mogil JS, Kest B. Sex-specific mediation of opioid-induced hyperalgesia by the melanocortin-1 receptor. Anesthesiology. 112:181–188.

2010. Waxman AR, Juni A, Kowalczyk W, Arout C, Sternberg WF, Kest B. Progesterone rapidly recruits female-typical opioid-induced hyperalgesic mechanisms. Physiology and Behavior 101: 759-763.

2009. Kest B, Smith SB, Schorscher-Petcy A, Austin JB, Ritchie J, Klein G, Rossi GC, Fortin A, Mogil JS.  Gnao1 (G alphaO protein) is a likely genetic contributor to variation in physical dependence on opioids in mice. Neuroscience 162: 1255-1264.
2009. Klein G, Rossi GC, Waxman AR, Arount C, Juni A, Inturrisi CE, Kest B. The contribution of MOR-1 exons 1-4 to morphine and heroin analgesia and dependence.  Neuroscience Letters 457: 115-119.

2009. Van Dorp ELA, Kest B, Kowalczyk WB, Morariu AM, Waxman AR, Arout CA, Danan A, Sarton E. Morphine-6?-glucoronide rapidly increases pain sensitivity independently or opioid receptor activity in mice and humans.  Anesthesiology 110: 1356-1363