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  Patricia J. Brooks

Patricia J. Brooks

Office : Building 4S Room 103
Phone : 718.982.3793
Fax : 718.982.4114

Degrees :
PhD, New York University
MA, New York University
BA, Johns Hopkins University

Biography / Academic Interests :
Professor Brooks is the Director of the Language Learning Laboratory in the Psychology Department.
She joined the CSI faculty in 1997 after completing post-doctoral research fellowships at Carnegie Mellon University and Emory University. Her research program focuses on individual differences in language learning and development across the lifespan. She conducts laboratory studies of adult foreign language learning and uses computer games to study speech perception and production in children with typical and atypical language development. Professor Brooks was appointed to the Doctoral Faculty of The Graduate Center in 1999, and she is active in the PhD programs in Psychology and Speech-Language-Hearing Sciences.

In addition to conducting research on language learning, Brooks has broad interests in the development of effective pedagogy, especially with regards to active learning environments, mentoring, and use of technology and games to support learning and memory.

Scholarship / Publications :
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