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  Sarah Pollack
Assistant Professor
World Languages and Literatures

Sarah Pollack
Assistant Professor

Office : Building 2S Room 101
Phone : 718.982.3702
Fax : 718.982.3712

Degrees :
B.A., Earlham College
M.A., University of Arizona at Tucson
Ph.D., University of Texas at Austin

Biography / Academic Interests :
Sarah Pollack specializes in 20th century Latin American poetry, particularly the intersection between poetics and philosophy. Professor Pollack’s research interests focus on 20th century South American poetry, Latin American Orientalism and translation theory. Professor Pollack has taught at the university level for over ten years in the United States, France and Mexico. Her courses include contemporary Hispanic poetry, translation, Latin American culture and civilization and 19th to 21st century Latin American literature. She has studied and traveled extensively in South America, Europe, Asia and East Africa.

Scholarship / Publications :
Professor Pollack has written and presented on the appropriation and re-reading of Oriental philosophies in the works of Alberto Girri, Rafael Cadenas and João Guimarães Rosa. In 2006, she published Reason Enough (Host Publications), a collection of Uruguayan author Ida Vitale’s poetry, which she selected, translated and prologued. She has a forthcoming article in Comparative Literature on recent trends in the translating of Latin American fiction in the United States. Current projects include an article on Josefina Vicens’s El libro vacío and the first English translation of the works of Mexican novelist Alain-Paul Mallard.