College of Staten Island
 The City University of New York
  Lacey Sloan
Associate Professor
Sociology, Anthropology and Social Work

Lacey Sloan
Associate Professor

Office : Building 1L Room 204A
Phone : 718.982.4161
Fax : 718.982.3794

Degrees :
Ph.D., The University of Texas at Austin
MSSW, The University of Texas at Austin
BSW, The University of Missisippi

Biography / Academic Interests :
Dr. Sloan has over 30 years of social work practice experience which spans a variety of practice settings.  Her first social work job was as a disaster worker documenting damage caused by the 1978 flood in New Orleans.  She then worked as a foster care and adoption social worker for the Louisiana Department of Health and Human Services, helping children find permanent homes following removal from their own homes due to abuse and/or neglect.  

Professor Sloan spent 20 years working at the local, state and national level to end violence against women and other oppressed populations.  This included working in Rape Crisis Centers, serving on the board of directors of the Texas Association Against Sexual Assault, the New York State Coalition Against Sexual Assault and the National Coalition Against Sexual Assault.  Dr. Sloan served as the scientific lead on a multi-million dollar, multi-year Department of Justice grant to measure the effectiveness of the Violence Against Women Act grants.  

Dr. Sloan has taught at the University at Buffalo, University of Houston, University of Arkansas at Little Rock, and the University of Southern Maine. Most recently, Dr. Sloan spent 2 ½ years teaching and researching in Qatar, where she examined rape myth beliefs amongst college women there; social integration between Qataris and expatriates; and, women’s choice in wearing abayyas and hijab.

Scholarship / Publications :
Dr. Sloan has a long list of peer reviewed journal articles, most focusing on violence and social injustice.  Her better known peer reviewed journal publications, and most recent publications are listed below:

Sloan, LM (2011). Women’s Oppression or Choice? One American’s Experience of Wearing the Hijab. Affilia. 26.   218-221

Sloan, LM, Schmitz, C, & Maytok, T (2010). A Story to Tell: Workplace Mobbing and Bullying.  International Journal of Business and Social Sciences, 1(3).

Sloan, LM & Wahab, S (2004).  Dancers, Workers, Non-conformists and Survivors:  Topless Dancers Speak.  Journal of Sexuality and Culture. 8(1).

Sloan, LM & Wahab, S (2000).  Feminist voices on sex work:  Implications for social work.  Affilia. 15(4). 457-479.   (*2nd most frequently cited article in Affilia)

Bell, H, Sloan, LM, & Strickling, C (1998).  Exploiter or exploited:  Topless dancers reflect on their experiences. Affilia, 13 (3), 352-368.

Sloan, LM, Edmond, T, Rubin, A & Doughty, M (1998). Social workers' knowledge of and experience with sexual exploitation by psychotherapists. Social Work, 43 (1), 43-53.

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