College of Staten Island
 The City University of New York
  Thomas Volscho
Assistant Professor
Sociology and Anthropology

Thomas Volscho
Assistant Professor

Office : Building 4S Room 223
Phone : 718.982.3781
Fax : 718.982.3781

Degrees :
Ph.D. University of Connecticut
M.A., University of Connecticut
B.S. University of Connecticut

Biography / Academic Interests :
Thomas Volscho came to the College of Staten Island after completing his Ph.D. at the University of Connecticut. His scholarship covers the areas of Social Stratification (with a focus on income distribution) and Race, Racism, and Ethnic Studies (with a focus on health disparities). Professor Volscho is currently working on a study of the endogenous responses of the income share of the very rich and taxation and financial regulatory policy. In a second project, he is examining the role of mental hospitals and prisons in U.S. suicide rates.

Scholarship / Publications :
Enns, Peter, Nathan Kelly, Jana Morgan, Thomas Volscho, and Christopher Witko. 2014. “Conditional Status Quo Bias and Top Income Shares: How U.S. Political Institutions have Benefited the Rich.” Journal of Politics 76: 1-15.

Volscho, Thomas W. and Nathan J. Kelly. 2012.  “The Rise of the Super-Rich:
Power Resources, Taxes, Financial Markets, and the Dynamics of the Top 1 Percent, 1949-2008.” American Sociological Review 77: 679-99.

Volscho, Thomas W.  2012.  “Neoliberalism, Piven and Cloward's Bargaining
Power Theory, and Wages in the United States, 1965-2006.”  Journal of Sociology and Social Welfare 39: 55-73.  

Volscho, Thomas W.  2011.  “Racism and Disparities in Women’s Use of the  
Depo-Provera Injection in the Contemporary United States.”  Critical Sociology
37: 673-88.

Volscho, Thomas W.  2010.  “Racism and Pan-Ethnic Disparities in Tubal
Sterilization in the 2000s.”  Wicazo Sa Review: A Journal of Native American
Studies 25: 17-31.