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  Joseph Maher
Associate Professor

Joseph Maher
Associate Professor

Office : Building 1S Room 222
Phone : 718.982.3623
Fax : 718.982.3631
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Degrees :
PhD UC Santa Barbara
MA UC Santa Barbara
BA Cambridge University

Biography / Academic Interests :
Joseph Maher is interested in geometric topology, particularly in the study of surfaces and three-dimensional spaces.  Other topics of interest include knots, hyperbolic geometry, and the collection of all maps from a surface to itself, which is known as the mapping class group of the surface. This group has interesting large scale geometry, and is closely related to the space of all hyperbolic metrics on a surface, known as Teichmüller space.

Scholarship / Publications :
Asymptotics for pseudo-Anosov elements in Teichmuller lattices, arXiv:math/0901.2679.

Random Heegaard splittings, arXiv:math/0809.4881.

Linear progress in the complex of curves, Trans. Amer. Math. Soc., to appear, arXiv:math/0802.0467.

Random walks on the mapping class group, arXiv:math/0604433.

Heegaard gradient and virtual fibers, Geometry and Topology, Vol. 9 (2005), pages 2227-2259, arXiv:math/0411219.

Period three actions on lens spaces, Alg. and Geom. Topol., Vol 7 (2007), pages 2021-2102, arXiv:math/0311009.

Period three actions on the three sphere, with Hyam Rubinstein, Geometry and Topology, Vol. 7 (2003), 329-397, arXiv:math/0204077.

Virtually embedded boundary slopes, Topology And Its Applications (95)1 (1999), 63-74, arXiv:math/9901041.