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  Andrzej Wieraszko

Andrzej Wieraszko

Office : Building 6S Room 324A
Phone : 718.982.3941
Fax : 718.982.3852

Degrees :
Docent Degree (Neurochemistry), Polish Academy of Science
PhD (Neurochemistry), Polish Academy of Science
MSc (Biochemistry), Warsaw University (Poland)

Biography / Academic Interests :
Dr. Wieraszko’s current research projects include:

1. The stimulation of the nervous system with magnetic fields to improve neuromuscular performance, and

2. Magnetic field-enhanced recovery after spinal cord injury.

Scholarship / Publications :
Ahmed, Z., Wagdy, M., Benjamin, M., Mohamed, S., Mohamed, H., Ahmed, S., Kanjilal, B., Wieraszko, A. Theraupetic effects of acrobatic exercise and magnetic field exposure on functional recovery after spinal cord injury in mice. Bioelectromagnetics, 32 (2010)49-57.           
Wieraszko, A. Ahmed, Z. Axonal release of glutamate analog, D-2,3-3H-Aspartic acid and L-14C-proline from segments of  sciatic nerve following electrical and magnetic stimulation. Neurosci., Letters, 458 (2009)19-22.

Ahmed, Z., Wieraszko, A. The influence of Pulsed Magnetic Fields [PMF] on non-synaptic potentials recorded from the central and peripheral nervous systems in vitro. Bioelectromagnetics, 30 (2009) 621-630.

Ahmed, Z., Wieraszko, A., Activity-dependent axonal plasticity: the effects of electrical stimulation on compound action potentials recorded from the mouse nervous system in vitro. The Open Neurosci. J., 3 (2009)1-12.

Ahmed, Z., Wieraszko, A., Combined effects of acrobatic exercise and magnetic stimulation on the functional recovery after spinal cord lesions. J. Neurotrauma, 25 (2008)1257-1269.

Ahmed, Z., Wieraszko, A., The mechanism of magnetic field induced increase of excitability in
hippocampal neurons. Brain Res., 1221 (2008)30-40.

Xie W., Ramakrishna N., Wieraszko, A., Hwang YW. Promotion of Neuronal plasticity by
(-)-Epigallocatechin-3-gallate.  Neurochem. Res. (2008) 33:776-783.