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CSI Shuttle Bus at the Ferry Terminal

Ferry Shuttle Service

Ride the CSI Ferry Shuttle Bus between CSI and the St. George Ferry for free!

The NYCDOT Division of Bridges recently contacted the college to inform us about the rehabilitation of the ramps leading into the St. George Ferry Terminal.  Due to necessary repair work that will begin Monday, August 11, 2014, each bus ramp will require repairs and be closed weekly. The College of Staten Island’s Ferry Shuttle pick up location will be temporarily moved to Ramp E (The Taxi Stand) until further notice. Please make note of this change and plan accordingly. Schedules will remain the same as posted.

If you have any further questions please contact Operational Services at 718-982-3220.

Pickup at CSI is in front of building 2A at the Ferry Shuttle Shelter.

If you need additional information regarding the Shuttle Bus, please call Operational Services at 718-982-3220.

Please note that buses can be delayed due to weather and traffic conditions.